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Pure-rest Organics King Pillow Kapok Light Fill Zip Off Outer PIL KAPOK ZIP PILLOW-KING LITE ZIP

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Brand: Pure Rest Organics
Series: Adult Bedding (Pillows)
Size: 20x35"
Material: Organic Cotton Undyed & Kapok Undyed
Application: Pillow


Something natural to rest your head on at night! Our Kapok light filled king pillow features natural kapok fill and an organic cotton zip off outer. The zip off outer allows the fill to be adjusted as desired. This pillow has a cooler feel than a conventional pillow would due to its natural breathability, reducing the chances of the issue of overheating at night. Kapok comes from the pods of the Kapok tree and is well known for its silky soft texture and down like feel. It is machine wash and dryable along with being naturally bacterial resistant, making it a wonderful pillow option for all ages. Our kapok filled pillows are also our most popular pillows. This pillow is very soft. The light fill is recommended for small shouldered side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. If one is looking for a firmer pillow our woolie ball pillow, which has a nice firm feel for those who prefer such, is a great option to consider. We also highly recommend checking out some of our organic cotton pillowcases to go with your pillow. This pillow is machine wash and dry with specific instructions for care included in the packaging with the pillow. Not returnable once opened. Made here at our San Diego, CA Facility. Ships within 1-3 business days.

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