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Pure-rest Organics Standard Pillow Natural Shredded Rubber Regular Fill Natural Knit Outer PIL SHRUB KNIT PILLOW-STANDARD REGULAR

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Brand: Pure Rest Organics
Series: Adult Bedding (Pillows)
Size: 20x25"
Material: Organic Cotton Undyed & 100% Natural Rubber(Dunlop Processed) Undyed
Application: Pillow


Something natural to rest your head on at night! Our natural shredded rubber regular filled standard pillow features 100% natural shredded rubber and an organic cotton knit zip off outer. The regular fill is recommended for back, stomach, and side sleepers. The organic cotton has a cooler feel than polyester due to its natural breathability while the shredded rubber is naturally bacterial and mold resistant. In addition this pillow is completely machine wash and dry(one would want to secure the zipper with a safety pin beforehand). This makes this pillow incredibly low maintenance. The organic cotton knit outer is soft, absorbent, and provides more malleability with the pillow. The zip off feature allows for the fill to be adjusted if desired. Our shredded rubber comes from 100% natural dunlop proccessed rubber and is supportive and contouring with a unique soft feel. This pillow is similar to a buckwheat pillow in the sense that the natural shredded rubber has the ability to move quite a bit to conform properly and can even be pushed or shaken to adjust the thickness where one's head is laid. We highly recommend checking out some of our organic cotton pillowcases to go with your pillow. Machine wash and dry on regular cycle with regular temperature. Not returnable once opened. Made here at our San Diego, CA Facility. Ships within 1-3 business days.

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