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Unique, Colorful Modern Outdoor Furniture From PolArt

By and large, outdoor furniture isn’t terribly interesting. Sure, it can be attractive. But I’d venture to say it’s not often that you find an outdoor patio set that’s really unusual or unique. If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining and want an outdoor furniture set that will really wow, you need to think a little bit outside the box of traditional wrought iron, teak, and natural or resin wicker furniture. To get a look that’s really bold and one of a kind, look for something like the amazingly, almost outrageously modern outdoor furniture from PolArt.

Colorful Cast Resin Construction

PolArt’s outdoor furniture is made from the same high quality resin plastic as their indoor furniture. That means it’s extremely hard, extremely durable, and impressively color-fast. Each piece is available in a variety of colors, from more traditional modern white, black, and brown, to a rainbow of bright, bold colors. This makes for outdoor furniture that not only has incredible, colorful cushions, but also a beautiful solid construction in a wide variety of eye catching colors.

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Not Your Gramma’s Plastic Chairs

Stackable plastic chairs are as old and ordinary as outdoor furniture gets. But although PolArt’s furniture is made of plastic, it’s anything but ordinary. Much of their collection mimics old-world Victorian wood work and detailing, with the kind of elaborate and intricate scallops and swoops you’d expect to find on an antique dining set, but made of bold, colorful plastic. This chair might look like a solid piece of hard plastic (like a more traditional outdoor chair). But the cushions are actually cushions, not molded plastic – they’re just perfectly match the color of the chair’s body.

Sunbrella Colorfast Cushions

PolArt’s outdoor furniture is colorfast in part because of the resin plastics they use. The resin is resistant to light and is a single color all the way through, so it won’t fade in light and won’t show scratches or damage. But as anyone who’s ever had an outdoor furniture set for any length of time knows, it’s almost always the cushions that start to show wear first. PolArt could have made their chairs entirely of plastic. But their ultra-modern designs are as luxurious to sit on as they look, with special Sunbrealla color-fast, stain-resistant, water-repelling material. This fabric not only allows you to get a bold, true color that will stand up over time, but it can also help keep your outdoor furniture cleaner, longer, even if you leave it outside in the off season. They even pull off an impressively clean white!

Mix And Match

You typically buy outdoor furniture in sets, say with a table and four or six chairs. But with PolArt, you can choose either to purchase each piece individually, or create your own bundles. Not only does that allow you to build exactly the outdoor set you need, with various sized or type chairs and tables, it also makes it easy to custom design your outdoor furniture in terms of color as well. Each of PolArt’s outdoor pieces is custom made per order. That gives you the freedom to pick any combination of body color and fabric for the set or per piece. With 22 plastic colors and up to 11 interchangeable outdoor fabric choices, it’s easy to get a look you’ll love.

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Drawing Room Chic

Outdoor Chaise Lounge 643 from PolArt Designs
Outdoor Chaise Lounge 643 from PolArt Designs

Most contemporary outdoor furniture is, well, outdoor themed. Think island-inspired, modeled after British garden sets, French cafe tables, or even just good old fashioned American picnic tables. But if you want something different for your outdoor space, it can be harder to find. That’s probably why I’m so fond of PolArt’s outdoor furniture. It takes a bold chance and brings the highest indoor fashion – ornate, modernized antiques – into an outdoor space. The look is nothing if not eye-catching, and certainly out of the ordinary; it’s a great way to put a totally unexpected twist on your outdoor space.

Indoor Comfort Out-Of-Doors

Finally, I’d like to mention that most outdoor furniture frankly isn’t very comfortable. There are exceptions of course (like yummy outdoor beds). But by and large outdoor furniture puts durability, weather resistance, and stow-ability above actual comfort. After all, the logic goes, you won’t spend as much time outside as you do inside; you won’t even be able to use the furniture for at least part of the year. But PolArt flies in the face of this conventional wisdom. Their outdoor furniture is cushy, cozy, and just as fit for an outdoor fireplace as an indoor one. Their big, plushy armchairs and ottomans are the same styles you’d put inside, but with durable Sunbrella fabric so you can leave them outside all year round if you need to.