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Top Five Best Bathroom Vanity Brands You Might Not Have Heard Of

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom vanity, either as part of a remodel or for new construction, there are probably a few big-name vanity brands that you’ve heard of, but beyond that, you might not know much about choosing a vanity, or even what makes one better than another. In truth, it can be quite confusing: there are hundreds of different manufacturers out there, each with different products, features, and prices. Today I want to take a look at five bathroom vanity brands you might not have heard of that all offer high quality, affordable bathroom vanities.

Direct Vanity

Hutton Double Wall Mount Ready Vanity From Direct Vanity
Hutton Double Wall Mount Ready Vanity From Direct Vanity

Shop Direct Vanity Bathroom Vanities:

Direct Vanity is a Chicago-based company that specializes in contemporary spa and mission style bathroom vanities. Unlike many other bathroom vanity brands, only the sides and back panels of their vanities are made with MDF. All their vanities have solid wood framing, legs, and drawers, as well as all the front-facing panels. Direct Vanity also uses soft closing drawers and hinges and dovetail joining in all their drawers, which makes for a very durable construction and quiet use. Maybe most notably, Direct Vanity is one of the few bathroom vanity brands that offers vanities that incorporate wall mounted faucets directly into their stone backsplashes, making for a unique luxury look without costly construction.


42" Classic Single Vanity From Bosconi
42″ Classic Single Vanity From Bosconi

Shop Bosconi Bathroom Vanities:

Bosconi is another slightly less well known brand that offers a nice blend of contemporary and traditional bathroom vanities. Like Direct Vanity, Bosconi’s vanities feature soft closing doors and drawers, which effectively prevent them from being slammed, diminishing the momentum so the doors and drawers close gently and quietly. All of Bosconi’s vanities are made of MDF over a solid wood frame, but feature vanity tops made from either dark emperador marble or Carrara marble, which gives them a luxury look and feel while keeping the price low. Because the company is based in California, they adhere to the nations most updated and stringent regulations for emissions, meaning their vanities will keep the air in your home cleaner than those from bathroom vanity brands that aren’t CARB P2 compliant.

B&I Direct

Cheryl 40" Bathroom Vanity From B&I Direct
Cheryl 40″ Bathroom Vanity From B&I Direct

Shop B&I Direct Bathroom Vanities:

B&I Direct is a Florida-based company that offers a relatively small but incredibly varied assortment of bathroom vanities, with a handful each of cottage style, contemporary, transitional, traditional, and ornate antique styles. B&I Direct bundles their vanities with real stone vanity tops and porcelain sinks. This can lower the total cost of the vanity for you, because you won’t have to source and cut the stone yourself. Their vanities are made with solid wood frames and wood veneered faces (often rubberwood), and many of their more elaborate antique vanities are finished by hand. Where B&I really stands out from other bathroom vanity brands, though, is in terms of storage: all of their vanity cabinets come with built in shelves, and nearly every single one of their vanities has at least one functioning drawer.

Classic Design

Vikkii Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet With Four Drawers And Two Side Cabinets From Classic Design
Vikkii Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet With Four Drawers And Two Side Cabinets From Classic Design

Shop Classic Design Bathroom Vanities:

Classic Design is a Texas based company that specializes in high quality antique replicas. Their vanities are elaborate and ornate, with many unique design features, like stamped metal insets, enameled detailing, and even faux leather accents. Some of their vanities feature beautiful metal and glass detailing, while almost all of them have some form of beautiful woodwork. Like B&I, Classic Design also places a strong emphasis on usability, and many of their vanities offer unique storage options that aren’t often found in antique design. Their smallest vanities in particular offer some of the best storage you’ll find, even among some of the big-name antique bathroom vanity brands.


Oxford 60" Double Bathroom Vanity From Belmont Decor
Oxford 60″ Double Bathroom Vanity From Belmont Decor

Shop Belmont Bathroom Vanities:

Last but not least, Belmont specializes in modern, contemporary, and transitional bathroom vanities. Like Bosconi, all their vanities are CARB P2 compliant, and are made with solid oak framing. Their vanities feature smooth glide drawers and soft close doors and drawers, which means the drawers will never catch or slam. Belmont uses these simple functionality features to great effect, too, equipping their simple, sleek vanities with a wide array of storage options to maximize utility  in their vanities of all sizes. Their vanities also come packaged with stone or glass vanity tops and porcelain or integrated glass sinks, which provide a polished, contemporary look.

Though these bathroom vanity brands are a little less well known,they offer beautiful, high quality products that might be exactly what you’ve been looking for for your bathroom. The best part? Because they’re a little less well known, their prices are often significantly lower than comparable vanities. What do you think of these alternative bathroom vanity brands? Let me know in the comments!

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