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Bathroom Vanity Brands To Consider When Remodeling Multiple Bathrooms

If you’re planning on furnishing multiple bathrooms at once – either in a home you’re about to move into, a home you’re building, or a home that’s just in need of a big overhaul – a great way to save time and money is to buy multiple vanities from the same collection. This not only helps you coordinate your decor throughout your home, but can save you on shipping costs and can even land you a bulk order discount, depending on the number of bathroom vanities. Unfortunately, not all bathrooms are the same size, so buying two or three or more of the exact same vanity probably won’t work. But many bathroom vanity brands offer multiple vanities in different sizes, allowing you to simply and easily furnish multiple bathrooms at once.

Windsor 72" Vanity From Avanity
Windsor 72″ Vanity From Avanity

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A great example of this comes from the Avanity brand. Avanity offers traditional, transitional, and contemporary vanities, and each of their design collection is available in each of the standard widths, from a petite 24″ all the way up to a hefty 72″ inch double vanity. Each size retains the same basic appearance – finish, woodwork, and overall design – but is tailored to offer the best storage for a vanity of that size. That way, the vanity won’t just fit the dimensional requirements of your different bathrooms, but will actually maximize efficiency for that space.

Cottage Retreat 120" Double Vanity From Sagehill Designs
Cottage Retreat 120″ Double Vanity From Sagehill Designs

Shop Sagehill Designs Bathroom Vanities:

Sagehill Designs is another bathroom vanity brand that does this quite well. Though their sizes tend to be a little more limited than Avanity (usually ranging from 24″ to 48″ rather than a full 72″), they have a greater selection of designs to choose from, and nearly all their collections include matching mirrors and storage cabinets. Plus, for really large bathrooms, Sagehill offers a few of their most popular designs in semi-custom modular sets, which allow you to purchase multiple cabinet pieces to assemble a larger vanity for a space anywhere from 42″ to 120″.

Daytona 21" Vanity From Empire
Daytona 21″ Vanity From Empire

Shop Empire Bathroom Vanities:

Empire is another bathroom vanity brand that focuses more on the smaller end of the spectrum, with vanities generally ranging from 24″ to about 48″. But what’s great about Empire is that their vanity collections aren’t just flexible in terms of size. Many of their most popular models are available in multiple finishes and often with multiple different storage configurations, so you can choose one that will work best for the bathroom you have in mind. Also, many of their vanities can be swapped between regular and wall mounted installations, allowing you even greater flexibility to get the look you want in all your bathrooms.

Bosco 60" Oak Bathroom Vanity From James Martin
Bosco 60″ Oak Bathroom Vanity From James Martin

Shop James Martin Bathroom Vanities:

James Martin Furniture offers one of the most diverse selection of all these bathroom vanity brands, with bathroom vanities that range from highly modern to ornate antiques, with a beautiful array of different wood finishes. While not every one of their vanities is part of a large, flexible collection, many of them are, with offerings ranging in the standard widths from 24″ up to about 72″. Their most popular designs are often available in multiple different finishes, and several of these collections also include storage cabinets to round out the bathroom.

80" Modular Double Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive
80″ Modular Double Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive

Shop Silkroad Exclusive Bathroom Vanities:

If one of the bathrooms you’re looking to furnish is especially large, Silkroad Exclusive is one bathroom vanity brand that’s definitely worth a look. With bathroom vanities that range from 12″ all the way up to 95″ wide, there’s an amazing amount of flexibility to find one is a size that suits your space. Plus, many of their vanities, both antique and modern, are part of modular collections. That means their largest vanities are actually made up of two single vanities and a third storage piece that are installed together to create a single unit. So if you’re buying an additional, smaller vanity, it might actually be the exact same vanity.

29.5" Vanity With Mirror From Legion Furniture
29.5″ Vanity With Mirror From Legion Furniture

Shop Legion Furniture Bathroom Vanities:

Legion Furniture, which easily boasts the most extensive selection of any of the bathroom vanity brands on this list, is less explicitly known for the flexible sizes of their collections. That said, many of their designs come in multiple sizes, sometimes just one or two, or sometimes four or more. As well, not all of their vanities conform to the six inch to a foot intervals that are standard for the industry; some offer several options on the smaller end of the spectrum, while other vanities come only in big and bigger. That said, with such an extensive collection, it’s easy to match vanities that are close but not quite identical, so you can coordinate your purchase from the same bathroom vanity brand without necessarily buying entirely from a single collection.

 How many bathrooms are you looking to decorate, and how many bathroom vanities are you looking for? Are there any particular bathroom vanity brands you like, or wish had more versions of a favorite vanity? Let me know in the comments!

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