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Top Five Bathroom Vanity Brands For A Large Master Bathroom

When furnishing a very large bathroom, your options for pre-made bathroom vanities are more limited than you might think – in many cases, even moreso than in a very small bathroom. There are a few different reasons for this, from challenges with shipping and installation to the simple fact that more people have small bathrooms than very large ones. But if you want a vanity that’s large enough to stand up to your big bathroom without the headache of having one custom built, you aren’t entirely out of luck. There are a few bathroom vanity brands out there that specialize in very large vanities destined for a luxury master bathroom.

95" Double Modular Bathroom Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive
95″ Double Modular Bathroom Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive

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Silkroad Exclusive is probably the best bathroom vanity brand for a very large bathroom, with vanities that soar upwards of 90″ – much larger than most conventional brands. Most of their vanities are fairly traditional in style, though they do have a few more modern offerings. But where Silkroad really shines is that they address one of the biggest problems of buying a large, pre-made bathroom vanity: that they can be very difficult to install, because it isn’t easy to get them through a door frame. Silkroad Exclusives faces this head on by offering their largest vanities in a modular configuration, meaning the can be shipped and moved into your bathroom in pieces (much like custom cabinetry) and installed into a single unit once you’ve gotten them inside.

Providence 72" Natural Oak Double Bathroom Vanity From James Martin
Providence 72″ Natural Oak Double Bathroom Vanity From James Martin

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James Martin Furniture’s largest bathroom vanities clock in at about 72″. Now, there are other brands on this list that offer bigger vanities, but James Martin offers a nice mix of antique, contemporary, and modern style vanities designed with a master bathroom in mind. All their vanities are made of solid wood with beautiful finishes, stone vanity tops, and many even have gorgeous decorative sinks. Plus, all their vanities include matching mirrors and storage cabinets, meaning you have a little extra furniture to round out your bathroom, even if the vanity itself only clocks  in at about six feet wide.

Pearl White 70" Mission Turnleg Double Vanity With Storage Cabinet From Direct Vanity
Pearl White 70″ Mission Turnleg Double Vanity With Storage Cabinet From Direct Vanity

Shop Bathroom Vanities by Direct Vanity:

Similarly, Direct Vanity’s bathroom vanities are a dream come true for a contemporary master bathroom. Though most of their vanities hover in that same six foot-or-so range (which is about as large as standard premade vanities get), they offer some of the most popular designs for a luxury master bath. From picture perfect, spa-style open shelf bathroom vanities to a bevy of cottage and mission style pieces, Direct Vanity’s bathroom furniture has the relaxed, casual look and feel that’s so popular right now. Plus, though they only have a few offerings that top the seven foot mark, the ones that do have a modular, easy-to-install design.

Galatian 88" Modular Double Vanity From Design Element
Galatian 88″ Modular Double Vanity From Design Element

Shop Bathroom Vanities by Design Element:

Design Element offers the most modern styles of any bathroom vanity brand on this list, specializing in sleek, minimalist vanities made with a dark finish and shiny chrome and tempered glass accents. Most of their large double vanities hover in the 72″ range, but they also offer several in the 90″ inch range, many of them modular in design. Of any of the brands listed here, Design Element offers among the best storage options, with a specific eye toward maximizing drawer space and compartmentalizing cabinets to make them more accessible and efficient.

Cottage Retreat 120" Double Vanity From Sagehill Designs
Cottage Retreat 120″ Double Vanity From Sagehill Designs

Shop Bathroom Vanities by Sagehill Designs:

Finally, Sagehill Designs is a bathroom vanity brand that makes this list almost entirely by virtue of their semi-custom cabinetry. You see, Sagehill Designs is a brand I would sooner recommend for a smaller space, as many of their collections are designed specifically to size down. But a handful of their most popular styles can be totally customized and designed the way you would a custom set of cabinetry. You still get the beautiful finish and decorative woodwork you’d expect from a premade vanity, but gain the ability to choose the size, number, and positioning of bathroom cabinets, drawers, sinks, makeup stations, and more. These pieces arrive and are installed individually like custom cabinetry, and can be used to create huge, sprawling cabinet sets upwards of 120″, much larger than you’d find in any other kind of premade bathroom vanity.

Are there any bathroom vanity brands you have an eye on that have some really large bathroom vanities? I’d love to hear if there are any great ones that I missed, so let me know in the comments!

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