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Top Ten Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Brands

If you’ve never remodeled a bathroom before, it isn’t always easy to know where to start. Faucets often come tagged with their brand names, so you’ve probably heard of a few of the big ones – Moen, Delta, Rohl, and so on. But unless you really pay attention to that sort of thing, the big brand names in things like tile, bathtubs, toilets, and especially bathroom vanities can be a bit of a mystery. So for those of you new to the remodel game, today I’d like to take a look at a few of the most popular bathroom vanity brands and what makes them tick.

James Martin

Savannah Driftwood 60" Single Bathroom Vanity WIth Linen Cabinet And Mirror From James Martin Furniture
Savannah Driftwood 60″ Single Bathroom Vanity WIth Linen Cabinet And Mirror From James Martin Furniture

Shop James Martin Bathroom Vanities:

James Martin Furniture is currently one of the most popular bathroom vanity brands out there, in no small part because they back up the luxury look and feel of their bathroom vanities with genuinely high quality materials. Almost all their vanities are made with solid wood, with a furniture quality construction that’s really built to last. Most of their vanities skew toward the more traditional end of the spectrum, with a few more modern options and a nice selection of natural, weathered spa and cottage style vanities. Many of their vanities are an ideal size for a master bathroom (though their most popular collections come in a variety of sizes) and have marble or travertine tops (occasionally with gorgeous integrated sinks). And to round out the bathroom, each of James Martin’s design collections includes matching mirrors and storage cabinets.

Sagehill Designs

36" Modena Vanity With Cabinet And Mirror From Sagehill Designs
36″ Modena Vanity With Cabinet And Mirror From Sagehill Designs

Shop Sagehill Bathroom Vanities:

Sagehill Designs is best known for their incredibly complete bathroom vanity collections. That is, each of their designs includes not just a single vanity with an included stone vanity top, but multiple vanities in the same style in different sizes, as well as a matching mirror and storage cabinet.  This makes it easy to get a coordinated look, even throughout multiple bathrooms. Sagehill’s bathroom vanities are all more or less contemporary in style; some have a more modern or more traditional vibe, but even these offer an overall sense of simplicity that creates a comfortable, casual look.

Silkroad Exclusive

84" Modular Double Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive
84″ Modular Double Vanity From Silkroad Exclusive

Shop Silkroad Bathroom Vanities:

Silkroad exclusive offers a huge range of traditional and contemporary bathroom vanities, with sizes from as narrow as 12″ all the way up to a whopping 95″. This flexibility in terms of size is really their specialty, and it shows up in a lot of different ways. For example, rather than sticking with the most common vanity widths, Silkroad Exclusive offers an impressive assortment of vanities that fall somewhere in between the standard markers. That means you can not only get vanities that are especially small or especially large, but also vanities that are a better fit for non-standard spaces. Silkroad also has double vanities that are much narrower than average for small master bathrooms, and sprawling, easy to install modular double vanities for very large bathrooms.

Legion Furniture

Recycled Fir Double Sink Vanity WK1960
Recycled Fir Double Sink Vanity WK1960


Shop Legion Bathroom Vanities:

Legion Furniture is easily the most diverse of any of these bathroom vanity brands, with an extensive collection that consists of vanities in every size, shape, style, and color you can imagine. Their sheer variety is one of their greatest selling points: really, you can find something to fit any taste or bathroom. Their prices are also impressively affordable, especially when you consider that nearly all their vanities include a vanity top and sink, and often a mirror, storage cabinets, and/or faucet, too.

Hardware Resources

Compton 60" Double Vanity With 8 Inch Spread Faucet Holes From Hardware Resources
Compton 60″ Double Vanity With 8 Inch Spread Faucet Holes From Hardware Resources

Shop Hardware Resources Bathroom Vanities:

Hardware Resources specializes in antique and traditional bathroom vanities with a luxury look and feel. Many of their vanities are finished in some way by hand, and unlike most bathroom vanity brands, many of their stone vanity tops come standard with an 8″ spread drilling rather than the more conventional 4″. This allows the vanity to accommodate a luxury faucet without having to purchase a custom stone top. Hardware Resources offers a full line of efficient, dresser style antique bathroom vanities, which offer a significant amount of storage for a small bathroom, while many of their more contemporary designs come in multiple sizes and storage configurations to make it easier to find the best possible setup for your bathroom.

Virtu USA

Masselin 32" Bathroom Vanity With Storage Cabinets And Mirror From Virtu USA
Masselin 32″ Bathroom Vanity With Storage Cabinets And Mirror From Virtu USA

Shop Virtu USA Bathroom Vanities:

Virtu USA is among the larger of these brands, with a collection that runs the gamut from incredibly modern to fairly ornate antique and traditional styles. Like Silkroad Exclusive, they offer a variety of antique double vanities in non-standard sizes, making it possible to fit a double vanity in a smaller master bathroom. But where Virtu really shines is in terms of storage – and I don’t just mean in the vanities themselves. Nearly all of their contemporary style vanities come paired with mirrors that feature built in shelf or cabinet storage, and for every wood finish, they offer an impressive selection of storage cabinets in different sizes, shapes, and installation types, making it incredibly easy to customize your storage.


Blox Modular Vanity Set From Xylem
Blox Modular Vanity Set From Xylem

Shop InFurniture Bathroom Vanities:

Xylem is one bathroom vanity brand that’s a little difficult to pidgeonhole – their bathroom vanities run the gamut from traditional to highly modern, and from very small to fairly large. But speaking broadly, Xylem’s products are defined by artistry and innovation. Many of their vanities, regardless of style, have a posh, sophisticated polish, with a few really unique, stand-out statement pieces. They also offer highly customizable designs. In more traditional styles, that means offering a variety of additional storage cabinets, while their most modern styles are modular in design, allowing you to actually custom design the shape of the final cabinet to make the best vanity/storage configuration for your space.


18" Modern Wall Mount Vanity From Vigo Industries
18″ Modern Wall Mount Vanity From Vigo Industries

Shop Alya Bathroom Vanities:

Vigo Industries specializes in highly modern bathroom vanities, with sleek, simple, sophisticated designs. Many of the models are wall mounted and have a simple, minimal aesthetic that makes them look crisp and clean, and in many cases results in some innovative storage features. Vigo’s bathroom vanities shine in smaller spaces, with the bulk of their vanities falling in the 24″ and under range. Many of their vanities include porcelain vanity tops with integrated sinks for a smooth, finished look.

Design Element

Redondo 61" Double Vanity From Design Element
Redondo 61″ Double Vanity From Design Element

Shop Design Element Bathroom Vanities:

Design Element is another bathroom vanity brand that strongly emphasizes modern design, but their focus is primarily on larger bathrooms. With almost their entire collection consisting of vanities more than 36″ wide, Design Element is an excellent choice for a contemporary master bathroom. Their simple, minimalist aesthetic again results in vanities that are packed full of unique storage features (or, really, just lots and lots of intelligently compartmentalized space), but while these vanities are highly efficient, they aren’t plain. In fact, Design Element goes out of their way to dress up their vanities with simple yet striking contemporary hardware, and often elegant vessel sinks or tempered glass accents.


Corsica 36" Wood Vanity Cabinet From RonBow
Corsica 36″ Wood Vanity Cabinet From RonBow

Shop Ariel Bathroom Vanities:

Ronbow is actually one of  my personal favorite bathroom vanity brands. Their vanities combine a casual look with a classy feel by strategically simplifying traditional designs. Their styles run the gamut from classic cottage style vanities to streamlined versions of Louis XV style antiques that have just the right amount of old world charm without being too ornate for a contemporary bathroom. Plus, they put a strong emphasis on smart storage, with shelves built into their cabinets, sliding rather than swing doors, and lots and lots of drawers. So if you’re looking for a practical vanity with a sophisticated touch, Ronbow is an excellent choice.

Hopefully this list will give you a good place to start looking for your next bathroom vanity. But let me know – which of these bathroom vanity brands appeals most to you?