Bathroom Makeup Vanity: Building A Makeup Station From Modular Parts

Makeup stations are often the domain of custom bathroom cabinetry and antique furniture. Even though makeup areas generally consist of little more than a simple countertop extension, it can be quite difficult to find pre-made vanities that come standard with this feature. That said, if you want to avoid the expense and hassle of having a vanity custom built, and you’d like your makeup station to be a part of the actual bathroom vanity rather than a separate dressing table, using pieces from a modular vanity set to build a bathroom makeup vanity might be your best option.

What Is A Modular Vanity?

Even the few bathroom vanities out there that come with built in makeup stations are almost always modular in nature. That is, they use a simple bridge piece to connect two smaller single vanities. When sold as a single unit, a makeup vanity can look totally seamless. But that comes at a cost of not having a lot of wiggle room in terms of size or shape. Modular vanity collections provide a similar visual result, but are much more flexible in terms of style and layout.

Pick And Choose The Pieces You Need

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The concept behind modular bathroom vanities is fairly simple. Instead of just designing a single bathroom vanity, something like this Addison Collection might include a whole range of parts. That includes not only vanities of multiple sizes, but also add-ons like extra sets of drawers or countertop bridges. Building a bathroom makeup vanity can be as simple as adding on a small table next to your vanity, though. Some come with built in drawers for added storage. But a simple surface situated at just the right height to use comfortably while seated will do just as well.

Make Use Of The Space Between Two Matching Vanities

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A bathroom vanity with a makeup area can be as wide or narrow as you want. The only real limit is the size of your bathroom and your own personal needs. Bridge pieces range in size from as narrow as 12″ to larger than 24″. These are what create the actual “bridge” between pieces, and the space to sit between or beside your vanity. The bridge will have built-in storage, and you’ll also be able to reach the vanity to either side. Most vanity sets are matching rather than mirrored, but you should be able to reach at least one set of drawers from your seat in the middle.

Bathroom Makeup Vanities: Convenient AND Stylish

Designer vanity sets tend to have a lot more style even than fairly well designed custom cabinetry. That’s the real upside of building a bathroom makeup vanity from modular pieces. You can certainly get decorative cabinet boxes and cabinet doors custom built. But pre-made vanities come with details that standard boxes simply don’t. Curved designs, tall legs, and nice add-ons like wood backsplashes, shelves, and towel bars are all premium custom upgrades that come standard on pre-made vanities.

Pre-Assembled Can Still Be Customizable

Plus, because modular vanity sets are flexible. You have a lot more room to pick and choose the type of vanity and storage you want. Most modular collections include base vanities in 24″, 30″, 36″, and 48″ inch widths. You can combine any of these with additional drawer storage, side cabinets, or even other vanities. Any two pieces of furniture you bridge together with a makeup area will work. That means you can create a totally customized bathroom makeup vanity in just about any size or shape.

Fill A Big Bathroom With A Modular Bathroom Vanity Set

Most custom cabinets are designed to take up a whole (usually large) bathroom. But a bathroom makeup vanity made from modular parts can range anywhere from a relatively petite 60″ (like a traditional dressing table) to a wall-to-wall or full room installation, depending on the type and number of parts you choose to combine. In a way, this is the best of both worlds: the ability of custom cabinetry to scale up for a large room, and the ability of a pre-made vanity to work well in a smaller space.

A New Style (That’s Getting Easier To Find)

Admittedly, these modular sets are still a bit rare and can be somewhat difficult to find. But as homeowners increasingly seek out bigger, more luxurious, and more customized bathroom spaces, more and more designers are starting to offer them. More designs, pieces, and configurations are becoming available all the time. Since bathroom vanities with makeup areas are both so desirable and so rare, this middle-of-the-line compromise for building your own bathroom makeup vanity will only become more popular.

What are you looking for in bathroom makeup vanity furniture? Do you just need a small place to sit to do your hair, or do you really want a large makeup station to spread out and enjoy while you apply your makeup? Let me know in the comments!