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What Are My Alternatives to Classic Bathroom Tile?

For many homeowners a bathroom provides an oasis from the stresses of everyday activities. In order to create an ideal atmosphere, a bathroom should have shapes, colors and textures that are conducive to relaxation. Most bathrooms are fixed in a mode of standardization with a sameness of floors, fixtures and finishes. Your bathroom can bring a sense of adventure and luxury with finishes that are out of the ordinary. Here are six alternatives to classic bathroom tile that are durable and typically slip resistant.


Ceramic Tile Flooring
Tile is a favorite bathroom floor covering because it’s easy to maintain and stain-resistant. Many bathrooms favor standard ceramic tile in neutral colors. Classic Victorian tiles follow historic English designs that can bring whimsical elegance to your home. While many are formed by intricate patterns in squares and rectangles of different colors, some are hand cut and employ hexagons, rectangles and triangles that are worthy of the most regal surroundings.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl stands up to heavy traffic and is water resistant. It’s available in colors, textures and patterns that can be the highlight of any bathroom décor. You can obtain tiles in 9- and 12-inch square sizes that are easy for you to install if you wish. With high-impact colors, you can create any mood you desire. Plank vinyl in irregular lengths will result in a rustic look for those seeking a more country style. Vinyl is also available in many realistic finishes. UV-cured surfaces resist discoloration caused by sunlight. These products are both high quality and reasonably priced.


Glass Tile

Glass floor tile adds a translucent glow to delicate-looking yet durable floors. HotGlass is a blended 3/4-inch glass tile on a 12 7/8-inch square mesh-backed sheet. It offers a sophisticated and multilayered look that brims with energy and rhythm. While these extreme styles are more upscale offerings, they may well be worth considering, especially where smaller areas are involved. They provide a high-quality, high-impact solution.

Cork Tiles

Cork tiles are easy to install in your bathroom and aren’t damaged by water. They’re also eco-friendly and can handle heavy traffic. Available in a variety of natural colors in shades from dark to light, they’re ideally suited to complement any interior design theme. It’s also possible to integrate patterns into your design to add drama and focus.

Because cork tiles are made from 100 percent cork, they are an entirely natural material. Unlike vinyl surfaces, cork can be refinished when the surface begins to look dull. All that’s needed is a liquid abrasive topped with a coat of polyurethane.


Marble Flooring
Marble tile provides classic elegance in many colors and finishes. It can be purchased in various sizes that can be integrated in striking patterns. Since marble is natural stone, its variations and colors are endless. In this large-scale gray and white pattern, nature’s drama bedecks your bathroom in high style.

Mosaic Tile Floors

Mosaic tiles are quite small and are available in square, round, herringbone and even pebble designs. They can be fabricated from stone, ceramic, cork or glass. They’re usually purchased on a mesh sheet, making them easy to apply as a unit. However, installation is a bit more complex if you break them up to create your own design. Mosaic patterns can introduce designs that are repeated throughout your bathroom, designs that can be understated or dramatic. It’s your choice.

· Cork mosaic typically consists of small cylindrical units like thick pennies.

· Vinyl mosaic is available in a textured pattern on 12-inch square tiles. It comes in striking mosaic patterns that are highly realistic. Although not true mosaics, they’re easily installed and very durable.

· Pebble porcelain mosaics are available in glazed porcelain tiles for bathroom wall and floor and are slip resistant.

· Pebble Tile Floor is available as mesh-backed natural pebble stone in true stone colors.

Imagine and Choose

When you’re in the process of choosing a tile floor for your bathroom, don’t settle for ordinary. Take a look at all your options for color, texture, material and design. Imagine yourself surrounded by each flooring solution. Which one makes you feel the best? Consider splurging, too. Your bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms in your home and most bathrooms are well under 100 square feet. Your total cost for luxury flooring may be far less than you think. Whatever you choose, creating the ultimate spa in your own home is within your reach.


Author Bio:

Darryl Crosby is a home renovation blogger and the Senior Director of Marketing at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.  Darryl loves to write on home improvement and remodeling projects, as well as providing tips for designing different rooms in your home just the way you want it.