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Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities: A Smart Choice For A Small Bathroom

Simplicity is the key to designing a small bathroom, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. When there isn’t much room to go around, it’s important to choose furniture and fixtures that are compact and efficient, but also ones that have a simple style that won’t make a small bathroom feel even more crowded. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are a perfect fit on both counts, with a streamlined design and understated style.

Primo 24" Bathroom Vanity UM-3079-G-ES From Virtu USA
Primo 24″ Bathroom Vanity UM-3079-G-ES From Virtu USA

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The number one reason that many people turn to wall mounted bathroom vanities for a small bathroom is simply that they’re small, often six or more inches narrower than a conventional small bathroom vanity and generally a little shallower, too. Because they don’t have to sit on the floor, they can take up even less physical space, which gives a small bathroom a little extra breathing room. Like many other types of wall mounted storage, from simple shelves or cabinets to more unusual options like wall hung toilets, hanging your vanity on the wall is simply a practical space saving option.

Integral 38.3" Bathroom Vanity NG3 From Iotti
Integral 38.3″ Bathroom Vanity NG3 From Iotti

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But wall mounted bathroom vanities are visually compact as well. Because they sit several inches off the floor and don’t have legs, they’re surrounded by white space, which gives the impression that there’s a lot more room around them than there actually is. In a small bathroom, conventional bathroom vanities will almost always butt up against at least one wall in addition to the floor, which means that even a relatively small vanity can dominate a small bathroom. The little extra breathing room you get from a wall hung vanity creates an entirely different impression, often in the same amount of space.

Agalia 30' Single Bathroom Vanity VG09018118K From Vigo Industries
Agalia 30′ Single Bathroom Vanity VG09018118K From Vigo Industries

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Some would argue that those few inches between the bottom of the vanity and the floor is wasted space or a sacrifice of potential storage. But while wall mounted bathroom vanities don’t have the same quantity of storage that a more traditional vanity would, the storage space they do have tends to be of a much higher quality. Well sorted drawers and more accessible cabinets are hallmarks of this type of vanity, which often makes them more practical for a small bathroom.

Ivy 32" Single Bathroom Vanity From Virtu USA
Ivy 32″ Single Bathroom Vanity From Virtu USA

Most wall mounted bathroom vanities are also fairly modern in design, with very simple, straightforward lines and little or no ornamentation. With few exceptions, most wall mounted vanities are simple and square or rectangular, with sleek modern hardware and unembellished slab style cabinet doors. The effect is such that your eyes move easily over these vanities; since there’s nothing about them to distract the eye, their impact on the room is diminished, which can make the whole space feel less cluttered.

23.5" Bathroom Vanity WC817 From Legion Furniture
23.5″ Bathroom Vanity WC817 From Legion Furniture

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That said, wall mounted bathroom vanities can also make for a striking statement piece. While a white vanity on a white wall will blend in, making the bathroom feel crisp and clean and open, contrasting a darker vanity against a bright white wall both makes the vanity stand out and draws attention to the open space around it. The effect is twofold: first, it puts a very simple vanity front and center, giving you a piece of furniture that’s visually arresting without being terribly ornate, and second it makes the bathroom feel larger by making the vanity look like it’s floating in ample empty space.

Rebecca 18" Wall Mount Vanity Cabinet 010118 From RonBow
Rebecca 18″ Wall Mount Vanity Cabinet 010118 From RonBow

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Depending on the finish used, wall mounted bathroom vanities can be very modern or much more casual and contemporary. Certainly the very modern glossy white, glossy black, and “espresso” brown are among the most common options, but as wall mounted bathroom vanities gain popularity, wood finishes in all variety of types and tones are becoming more widely available. Wood toned wall mounted vanities have a much warmer, more contemporary feel than their high-gloss brethren, making them a perfect fit for a casual small bathroom that you don’t want to feel too modern.

Do you like the look of these wall mounted bathroom vanities? Which is more important to you: saving space or making your small bathroom feel less crowded? Let me know in the comments!