Gray Shaker Style Bathroom Vanities: A Hot Bathroom Trend For 2015

Of all the major home and bathroom trends of 2015, there’s one feature that’s making waves: gray shaker-style bathroom vanities. These vanities are showing up in bathrooms of all different sizes and styles; many top manufacturers have included one (or several) in their new 2015 lineups. But why the sudden popularity, and will it last? We’ve got a few reasons why these very trendy vanities have become such a hit, and why they’re worth having.

Going Gray

Over the past few years, neutrals have made a strong comeback in home design, from unfinished wood to natural linens. But gray has been a particular stand out. It tends to feel more refined and sophisticated than beige, tan, or cream, while still retaining that soft, natural feel. A gray vanity can make a bathroom feel more elegant than the same vanity in white, off white, or wood. That makes it the perfect color for a transitional look that’s classy without being overly ornate or old fashioned.

Shaker Revival

Shaker-style cabinets have come back in a major way over the last year or so, and for a similar reason. Shaker furniture dates back to the mid 1800s. That technically makes the style “traditional”. But the minimalist elegance of the shaker style has more in common with a modern aesthetic than any antique. That makes shaker cabinets ideal for a transitional style, too; they have just that hint of old world style, but are simple and casual enough for a contemporary space.

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Put ‘Em Together

Hamlet 49" Single Sink Bathroom Vanity from Ariel
Hamlet 49″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity from Ariel

Together, these two elements hit all the important notes for the overall trend toward transitional style bathrooms. Gray, shaker style bathroom vanities are elegant without feeling stuffy, and simple and streamlined without being stark and featureless. They also hit that in-between spot that means they blend well with different styles and are easy to dress up or down. For example, a gray bathroom vanity paired with white marble counters and elegant lighting fixtures is going to have a very different look from the same vanity paired with wood floors and planked walls.

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Play With Base Tones

Brittany 36" Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in Urban Gray from James Martin Furniture
Brittany 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in Urban Gray 650-V36-UGR from James Martin Furniture

Part of this versatility comes from the fact that gray is a neutral color. But unlike more traditional neutrals that almost always have strong warm undertones, “gray” encompasses a whole range of shades, from warm and almost peachy to dark steel or slate tones with a very cool blue base. Since the vanity is such a central fixture in the bathroom, subtle differences in the tint of gray you choose can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the space. As a rule of thumb, opt for a gray with blue undertones for a crisp, cool, modern look; choose a lighter gray with pink or yellow undertones for a warmer, more traditional space.

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Shake Up The Style

The cabinet doors are the main distinguishing feature on shaker style bathroom vanities. They consist of a flat panel surrounded by a very simple, very square frame. But that basic design can be applied to cabinet doors of any size or shape, or even drawer fronts. That makes them vastly more versatile than other types of traditional design. Shaker style cabinet doors hold up to even very distinctive features, like an open shelf design or an asymmetrical cabinet arrangement, and help mellow them out and give them a more neutral transitional appearance.

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Staying Power?

Ultimately a big part of the appeal of gray shaker style bathroom vanities is that they’re chameleons. They can blend equally well with a posh traditional bathroom, a casual cottage, or a modern spa bath. Gray shaker vanities work because they fall in between several styles and can adopt others easily. That also speaks to the longevity of this unusually specific trend; these vanities are a hot item now, and their timeless appearance, they’re likely to have some staying power.

But what do you think of this trend? Do you like the look of these gray shaker style bathroom vanities? Let me know in the comments below!