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Luxurious Double Vanities For The Master Bathroom From James Martin Furniture

Competing for space – counter space, drawer space, or sink space – is one of the big frustrations of sharing a bathroom. That’s why having a really great double vanity is one of the key components of building a better master bathroom. You want to have plenty of separate space for each partner, both to make the bathroom more usable and to help keep the peace. But your bathroom vanity will also be the visual focal point of the bathroom. That means means size and storage shouldn’t be the only considerations. James Martin Furniture offers a full line of double bathroom vanities that are perfectly suited for a master bathroom. Their vanities combine quality, versatility, appearance, and practicality, all at a reasonable price.

A Master Bathroom Vanity For Every Taste

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Many bathroom vanity manufacturers specialize in specific designs or styles. That can be great if their offerings match both your aesthetic and the size of your bathroom. Otherwise, a specialized selection is just a limited selection. On the other hand, James Martin Furniture offers vanities that suit a wide variety of styles. Their collections range from highly chic and modern to very ornate and traditional, with everything in between. As an added bonus, many of their designs come in more than one size. 60″ and 72″ are the most common widths for a master bathroom sized double vanity, but are far from the only sizes offered. These same collections often include smaller single vanities that make it possible to coordinate multiple bathrooms throughout your home, too.

Complete Master Bathroom Vanity Sets

Not only do James Martin’s bathroom vanities come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, they also include a variety of add-ons that you’d ordinarily have to purchase individually. Rather than having to shop for your own stone vanity top, James Martin lets you pair a pre-cut, ready-to-install top with any of their vanities. They also frequently include sinks, faucets, and mirrors designed to match the style of the vanity. Last but not least, almost all of James Martin’s double vanity collections include matching storage cabinets, too. Some vanities come with one ore more of these features included; others let you pick and choose which you want.

Long Lasting Quality

Malibu 72" Double Bathroom Vanity in Honey Alder 500-V72-HON-3CAR from James Martin Furniture
Malibu 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity in Honey Alder 500-V72-HON-3CAR from James Martin Furniture

When buying a premade bathroom vanity, it can be a little difficult to figure out how well-made the vanity is. Doubly so if you’re buying online from a brand you aren’t familiar with. Manufacturers can be notoriously cagy about what the materials, processes, and finishes they use in the vanity-making process. James Martin is one of the few brands that’s clear and upfront about the materials used. To keep it simple, nearly all of their bathroom vanities have a solid wood construction. James Martin begins all their vanities with a framed, furniture-quality construction, designed to last for years. Some designs are finished with wood veneers, but the vast majority are made from 100% solid hardwood. Each vanity then goes through a 12 step finishing process to ensure the wood is sealed and thoroughly waterproofed. All together, that makes for a vanity that’s difficult to damage and easy to maintain.

Focus On Storage

More than ever, homeowners are adding double vanities to their master bathrooms. People simply want to have their own space. Whether it’s to eliminate conflicts while a couple is getting ready for work in the morning, or just because he’s sick of her curling iron and she’s sick of his razor fuzz in the sink. But merely adding a second sink is only half the battle. You also want to make sure each half of the vanity comes with its own usable storage. James Martin Furniture does this exceptionally well, offering a wide variety of storage configurations for double vanities of various sizes. Above and beyond the conventional two cabinets with shared drawers in the middle, James Martin offers vanities with individual sets of drawers, unusually sized or placed cabinets, shelves, and even personal cubbies to help you get the kind of storage you want where you need it most.

Keep On Top Of Trends

Big dream bathroom remodels don’t come around all that often. After all, most luxury bathroom fixtures aren’t ones you want to replace every few years – the bathroom vanity included. But that means it’s especially important not only to make sure these purchases will meet your current needs, but that they’ll continue to work well in your space for at least five or ten years. That means paying attention both to what’s popular now and how trends are changing. James Martin Furniture strikes a nice balance between the two. Many of their collections follow current trends, but have a timeless quality that ensures they won’t go out of style.

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What do you think is the most important quality for a master bathroom vanity? Are you most interested in storage, style, add-ons, or something else? Let me know in the comments below!