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Get The Look: An Elegant Transitional Take On The Classic Cottage Style Bathroom

Bathroom design has been trending more and more modern over the last decade, and in the past few years, an in-between transitional style has overtaken traditional design as the most popular. But this year there’s been an interesting offshoot of this trend: a transitional style that adheres to the sleek simplicity of a modern design, but that heavily emphasizes a very classic sense of elegance. This bathroom by Yummy Scrumptious Design is a great example, putting a fresh take on a fairly classic cottage style bathroom, and we’ve put together a quick guide to why this style works so well, and how to replicate it.

Mixing and matching classic and modern elements is the best way to get a stylish transitional style (by Yummy Scrumptious Design)
Mixing and matching classic and modern elements is the best way to get a stylish transitional style (by Yummy Scrumptious Design)

Cottage style bathrooms rely heavily on a small pool of iconic features: a classic clawfoot tub, pedestal sink, white subway tile, and white or white-and-black patterned hex or basketweave tile. But this traditional look is very relaxed and casual, homey and a little old fashioned. To get a more striking, elegantly transitional look, you need to dress it up. Instead of traditional white ceramic or porcelain tile, use the same tile shapes, but made of a white marble, like carrara or calacatta. Even with the same simple design, a stone tile will feel a bit more sophisticated and regal.

Get The Look: Try this Subway Tile, Basketweave Tile, and12x24 Rectangular Tile  from Soci.

Similarly, instead of the classic clawfoot, opt for a slightly heftier pedestal tub. The added visual weight makes pedestal tubs feel grand and impressive, but the lines are also a bit more streamlined than they are on a traditional clawfoot tub, which means they pair better with more contemporary elements.

Get the look: Pair this Midas Tub from Venzi with the classically-inspired Axor Montreux Filler from Hansgrohe.

For a transitional look, though, these elegant traditional touches need to be counterbalanced with modern ones, and here material choice and small details are incredibly important as well. The wall sconce in this bathroom is a good example. Ostensibly, the light is a fairly traditional one, with two curved arms and pretty conventional shades. But the design itself is very simple and streamlined, and the chrome finish and lack of detail or adornment gives it a very modern feel. That same chrome finish is echoed in the tub hardware, and also in the very sleek, modern accent furniture. Side by side, the traditional elements make the more modern ones feel posh and elegant, while the sharp, simple lines of the side table and stool bring the most traditional elements back down to earth and keep them from feeling overly ornate or stuffy.

Get The Look: Match this Tribeca Sconce from Elk Lighting with a simple Chi Stool from Nuevo and Pasos Table from Zuo Modern.

Creating a great transitional look is very much a balancing act, but a monochrome marble-and-chrome combination is one great way to do it. Let me know what you think of this updated cottage bathroom in the comments below!