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Get The Look: Creating A Timeless Gray and White Kitchen

White kitchens are a perennial favorite; they have a classic feel that holds up better than most to changing trends, and a clean, fresh look that feels sunny and inviting. But white cabinets are just the beginning; it’s really what you pair with them that brings a white kitchen together. Gray is a really trendy color this year, but it’s one that pairs surprisingly well with this timeless look. This kitchen by Normandy Remodeling has a great transitional feel, teasing the line between modern and traditional, and uses different shades of gray to create a nice sense of balance and harmony.

Mixing modern and traditional materials gives this gray and white kitchen a look that's both timeless and trendy (by Normandy Remodeling)
Mixing modern and traditional materials gives this gray and white kitchen a look that’s both timeless and trendy (by Normandy Remodeling)

Get The Look: The simple shaker style white cabinets are the base color for this kitchen, but it’s the accents that bring the space together. White carrara marble subway tile and the framed herringbone accent bolster the traditional feel of the space, while the modern pendant and bar stools give the kitchen its contemporary edge. Add in natural maple flooring for a touch of color, and you’re well on your way to an elegant, transitional kitchen.

Gray is a naturally transitional color, but this kitchen exploits that fact beautifully, using not only a good mixture of different shades of gray, but also ensuring that wherever the color gray appears, it’s on a different type of material. This is a subtle but very clever trick, and one that really helps play up both the transitional feel of the space and the sense of visual harmony. The most obvious spot that the color gray appears is the deep slate color used on the walls, but this big swatch of gray in the background is really there to help pull out the smaller gray detailing elsewhere in the kitchen.

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Both the backsplash and the island countertop are done in a very traditional carrara marble, and the gray paint on the walls helps bring out the stone’s characteristic blue-grey veining. By contrast, the rest of the countertops in the kitchen are made from a much more modern gray composite material, which gives the underlying cabinets a slightly more contemporary feel. The gray backdrop also helps pick out the little glimpses of chrome and stainless steel, which emphasizes the modern design of the pendant light and bar stools in particular. These more modern elements in turn balance out some of the more ornate detailing in the kitchen, like the wainscoting on the walls and the crown molding on the cabinets. The wood floor is ostensibly a fairly traditional choice, but the light natural maple is a more modern material choice, and helps add lightness and brightness to the space and keeps it from feeling too monochromatic.

This kitchen really makes the most of its baseline color scheme, threading it through every aspect of the design to give the space a stunning sense of unity. And though it uses a very trendy color to do so, it’s constructed in just the right way to feel timeless.
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