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MTD: Simplifying The Way You Buy Bathroom Vanities

Buying a new bathroom vanity can be a complicated process. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the style you want, and the level of customization you’re looking for, getting the right look can mean shopping a lot of different vendors, a lot of coordination, and a decent amount of construction and assembly. But while many vanities need at least a little setup, some manufacturers, like MTD, go out of their way to simplify the process by coordinating and completing the vanities as much as possible before you buy.

Fully Assembled

Malta 71" Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8119 from MTD
Malta 71″ Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8119 from MTD

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The first and simplest way that MTD makes it a little bit easier to replace your vanity is that when you buy one of their vanities, it ships fully assembled and completely ready to install. While many vanities, even pre-made ones, require at least some combination of assembly or pre-installation prep, MTD vanities come in a single solid piece (or, in the case of their larger vanities, a few standalone pieces that simply sit side by side) that’s ready to place in your bathroom, just like a piece of furniture. Moreover, MTD vanities are finished on all four sides, and come with a cutout in the back for the plumbing, which means they won’t need to be punched through or cut before they can be put in place.

Matching Vanity Tops

Norway 24" Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-2124 from MTD
Norway 24″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-2124 from MTD

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MTD also includes matching countertops with all their bathroom vanities, in either marble, ceramic, glass, or micro-stone, depending on the style of the vanity. It’s a fairly common practice for manufacturers of to provide a selection of pre-cut vanity tops designed to match their vanities, often in a few different types of stone, but while this does offer a slightly wider variety of different styles, typically these countertops still have to be purchased separately. MTD’s vanity tops are paired with their vanities by default, but they’re also included in the price of the vanity, which can help cut down on some of the hassle.

Single Piece Counters

Nepal 48" Single Sink Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-1248 from MTD
Nepal 48″ Single Sink Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-1248 from MTD

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MTD’s vanities also come pre-bundled with matching sinks at no extra charge. Again, this somewhat limits your selection in terms of the styles available, but it’s also one more choice that you don’t have to make, and each sink is carefully selected to match the style of the vanity, for a unified aesthetic. Some of the more traditional of MTD’s vanities have sinks that are integrated into larger ceramic countertops, meaning the sink and vanity top are a single seamless piece. The more modern designs are typically paired with either glass or ceramic vessel sinks, but these, too, come pre-assembled, and ship already attached to the vanity top, so the whole piece can be installed at once, again reducing the time and effort you need to get your vanity ready to use.

Included Accessories

Malta 24" Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8137C from MTD
Malta 24″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8137C from MTD

In addition to including the sink and countertop, MTD vanities also include matching faucets with all the hardware. These don’t come pre-installed, but they are, again, specifically chosen to match the vanities they’re paired with. This is particularly important for vanities with vessel sinks, where the style and height of the faucet matter; having a mated faucet and vessel sink means the water is less likely to splash or splatter, which helps keep messes to a minimum and can even extend the life of the vanity. It’s worth noting, too, that the vanity tops are pre-drilled for these faucets, so they’re ready to install once you get them, with no added modification needed. MTD also bundles matching mirrors with all their vanities, again at no added cost, so you’re getting a complete bathroom vanity set without having to micromanage any of the parts and pieces that are often considered add-ons by other companies.

Solid Construction

Cuba 48" Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8116B from MTD
Cuba 48″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8116B from MTD

One of the main reasons that MTD bundles their bathroom vanity sets in this way is to make their vanities more affordable. But reducing the cost doesn’t mean cutting corners; all of their vanities are made of high quality solid oak hardwood, with no MDF or particleboard parts. And while many modern bathroom vanities will use high quality materials on the front face and lower quality ones on the sides and back of the vanity, MTD’s vanities are finished on all four sides. Rather than have a cheap, flimsy board on the back that’s easy to cut for plumbing access, MTD simply leaves a neat, framed square open in the back so the vanity is ready to install as soon as you get it.

High Quality Hardware

Figi 63" Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8129 from MTD
Figi 63″ Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set MTD-8129 from MTD

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Similarly, MTD doesn’t skimp on the hardware. In fact, all of their vanities feature soft closing doors and drawers, with special hinges that prevent slamming and banging. The vanities that have drawers also feature high quality, full extension drawer glides. Not only do these ensure that your drawers won’t stick or squeak, they make it easier to use all the storage available to you, because you can pull the drawer out far enough to see everything inside it without running the risk of pulling it out so far the drawer falls out of the cabinet. That said, the full-extension drawers can also be easily be removed from the cabinet (purposefully, but not accidentally!) without the tools that more traditional drawer glides require.

So if you’re looking for a stress-free, affordable new vanity that doesn’t require much setup, but doesn’t skimp on quality or style, MTD is a great place to start.