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Polrey and the Sumptuous Possibilities of White and Gold

Sometimes you want to go low-key. Sometimes you want demure decor that blends together seamlessly, never overtly announcing itself. And sometimes you want decor that makes itself known. Decor that shouts. If you’re looking for the latter–sumptuous and unrestrained–look no further than Polrey, makers of antique replicas and statement furniture. With factory locations in the U.S. and Mexico, they produce fine, hand-finished pieces that flirt with line between elegant and bombastic.

White and Gold

First off, let’s talk about this chair. This chair is madness. It wouldn’t look out of place in a living room at Versailles. A variety of different color choices are available for both the fabric and the trim, but I particularly like the combination of white and gold. White furniture requires a little daring and dedication to maintenance, but it also imparts a luxurious, baroque feel. It would look great in a room with lighter colored wood, like the floor in the picture.

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Compact Elegance 

Don’t quite want to commit to an honest-to-god throne in your living room? Look for a chair that’s smaller and a bit more understated; the smaller size can help tone down all that intricate elegance and high court fashion. Worried about the impact the piece will have on your space? Consider customizing the color of the frame and upholstery. Solid gold will have a bolder, more in-your-face feel than a pearl finish with gold detailing. Similarly, even choosing a different off-white jacquard fabric can really change the overall impression of the piece.

Just In Time 

Continuing on the theme of ostentatious elegance, this grandfather clock is a far cry from the rigidly austere piece you would usually associate with the name. The playful, swirling lines and pastel colors give it a rococo flair; the cream swirls make it look nearly edible. An Easter confection. This would look great in a front hall, or to bring a bit of life to a somber living room. Also, I think this is the perfect choice as we move from winter to spring. The white still recalls hints of the colder months, but the pinks and blues definitely say ‘spring’ to me.

The Perfect Size 

‘King Size’ is the perfect name for this bed, because it looks like exactly the sort of thing a king would sleep in. If that king had a thing for incredibly detailed antique renderings and white-painted wood. This is another piece that is available in other colors, so if a dark wood would go better with your motif, by all means. I just love the sumptuous sprawl of the head and footboard. Bonus: if you love the look, it comes with a full matching bedroom set.

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Furniture or Confection?

This is another of Polrey’s products that reminds me of food: it looks like a cake. Also a bit like it belongs in the castle in Beauty and Beast. The clawed feet and tiny splashes of color also give it a rococo air, and the narrow slits in the side are a cool effect. It is also available with a wooden top, but since marble version isn’t really that much more expensive, I think I prefer this one.

Although you certainly wouldn’t want to go overboard, a couple Polrey pieces would add a hint of luxury to any home. Each of their designs are hand detailed and hand painted, and finished with a protective wash that is designed to hold up against weather and extreme temperatures. I’m not sure where these pieces would experience weather or extreme temperatures–they certainly aren’t deck furniture. Regardless, wherever you choose to install them, Polrey’s furniture will grant extravagance and style.

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