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Introducing the All-New Bathroom Vanities from JWH Living

It’s that time of year again – when companies roll out new collections and new product lines to celebrate the new year (and the remodeling boom that always comes when the weather starts warming up!). In keeping with the spirit of the season, here at HomeThangs we’ve introduced an entirely new line of  stylish modern bathroom vanities from JWH Living. JWH vanities have an elegant, minimalist aesthetic and are designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality or durability. To celebrate our newly expanded collection, we’ve put together a quick guide to a few of JWH’s more unique features.


Grand Regent 63" Bathroom Vanity JWH-9046 from JWH Living
Grand Regent 63″ Bathroom Vanity JWH-9046 from JWH Living

The iconic “look” for a modern bathroom vanity is pretty simple and recognizable: a pared down, fairly rectangular cabinet with little or no ornamentation, usually finished in a deep “espresso” brown or black. JWH Living follows this recipe to a T, but where many modern bathroom vanities are made of low quality particleboard, JWH’s vanities are made from solid, kiln dried oak almost completely across the board. The aesthetic may be the same, but the quality of the final product is very different, both in terms of up-close appearance and long term durability.


Lune 39.3" Bathroom Vanity JWH-4002 from JWH Living
Lune 39.3″ Bathroom Vanity JWH-4002 from JWH Living

JWH Living puts a strong emphasis on all aspects of quality in the production of their bathroom vanities. Not only do they use primarily solid wood construction, but the wood they use undergoes extensive finishing processes that help it resist mold and mildew, prevent warping and cracking, and simply make the vanity a little bit easier to clean and maintain. All of JWH’s vanities also have high quality soft-closing hardware on the drawers and cabinets, which keeps them from slamming and gives them a nicer feel when they’re being opened and closed.


Crater 39.5" Bathroom Vanity JWH-3118 from JWH Living
Crater 39.5″ Bathroom Vanity JWH-3118 from JWH Living

Modern bathroom vanities are often pegged as being a “good value.” Their simple designs (and often inferior quality materials) frequently make them a more budget-friendly alternative to ornate traditional wood vanities. But JWH keeps their vanities affordable not by cutting corners, but by bundling in more features – specifically matching sinks and countertops. Each one of JWH’s vanities comes paired with a matching sink and vanity top (or a counter with a built in sink!), which both means maintaining their distinctive modern aesthetic and that you won’t have to pay for a separate vanity top to be cut, drilled, and installed, or find and install matching sinks yourself.

Complete Vanity Sets

Carina 24" Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity JWH-3114 from JWH Living
Carina 24″ Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity JWH-3114 from JWH Living

JWH’s consistent, unified design aesthetic also means that it’s easy and affordable to fully decorate your bathroom with their furniture. JWH only offers a few add-on pieces – one large storage cabinet and one small one, a simple wall-mounted shelf, and two different sized mirrors – but because all their vanities have the same simple design, the same base construction, and the same finish, this relatively small supplementary collection meshes perfectly with all their vanity styles. Since JWH doesn’t need to manufacture (and stock) a lot of different designs, the cost to you is significantly reduced, but the pairing is so seamless that you’d never know otherwise.


Sirius 59" Bathroom Vanity JWH-3128 from JWH Living
Sirius 59″ Bathroom Vanity JWH-3128 from JWH Living

Despite the baseline similarities between their vanities, though, JWH Living actually offers a surprisingly wide variety of different modern looks. Their vanities range from a lean 18″ up to a fairly hefty 63″ with plenty of variations in between – some single vanities and some double, some freestanding and others wall mounted, some solid and some with glass accents, all paired with different vanity tops and sinks to give them each a distinct and beautiful look. The sinks and vanity tops in particular make JWH’s bathroom vanities shine, giving a distinctive and unique silhouette to the minimalist modern style.

So if you love a modern look, but want a high-quality, well-made bathroom vanity, start your search with JWH Living.