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Contemporary Chic: Introducing KubeBath’s Trendy White Bathrooms

When you think ‘freestanding bathtub’ you may be put in mind of old antique clawed tubs, copper basins, or just generally the sort of bathtub involving diligently adding water that’s been heated over a stove. As in, not something from the modern era, supported by modern conveniences. But the freestanding tub is becoming more and more popular and trendy. Nowadays pretty much any house you move into is already going to come equipped with a bathtub built in. They are pretty innocuous. But if you’re looking to do a bathroom overhaul, look no further than the sleek, utilitarian elegance of Kubebath.

Elegant Victorian Meets Sleek Contemporary 

Victorian 67" Free Standing Bathtub, KFST1067 by KubeBath
Victorian 67″ Free Standing Bathtub, KFST1067 by KubeBath

It’s true that there are a lot of reproductions and Victorian inspired freestanding bathtubs, but this manufacturer tends toward a distinctly contemporary style with their sleek, seamless shapes and their focus on bright, unadorned colors. In fact all of the freestanding bathtubs they offer are pure white. Of course, white bathrooms are nothing edgy or new–most bathrooms are built around white tile or walls–but Kubebath has a distinctly fresh and trendy vibe with their unique shapes and streamlined simplicity.

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You’re So Square 

Squadra 59" Free Standing Bathtub, KFST5059 by KubeBath
Squadra 59″ Free Standing Bathtub, KFST5059 by KubeBath

Okay, a square bathtub may seem like a bit of an odd choice–who wants a bunch of angles poking at them when they’re trying to relax? However, Kubebath’s tubs are sloped inward, giving you a place to rest your back against and preventing it from feeling like you are trying to bathe in a trough. Kubebath also has other more traditionally shaped bathtubs–ovals and such–as well as the the more unique sorts from the photos above. I like the idea of a square bathtub, honestly. Especially when it is offset with something like a round mirror or patterned tiles. You may not have a beach vista to set it all against, but you can still make for a pretty impressive bathroom.

Chic Storage Solutions 

Eiffel 60" Double Sink High Gloss White Bathroom Vanity W/ Quartz Counter Top, E60-GW by KubeBath
Eiffel 60″ Double Sink High Gloss White Bathroom Vanity W/ Quartz Counter Top, E60-GW by KubeBath

If you are in the marker for a bathroom upgrade, you’re also probably pondering such things as new sinks and storage spaces. Kubebath has a bunch of great vanities that fit in with their sleek and contemporary style. I am picky when it comes to vanities–I think a lot of them are pretty but impractical. Bathrooms tend to collect a lot of detritus that can take away from your aesthetic. My current vanity just has one cabinet, and all my stuff tends to just get jumbled together. That’s why one like in the photo above is so great–smaller drawers make it easier to keep everything organized.

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Floating and Fashionable 

Bliss 48" High Gloss White Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity, BSL48-GW by KubeBath
Bliss 48″ High Gloss White Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity, BSL48-GW by KubeBath

Here is one more example of a cool contemporary look to match your new freestanding tub. A vanity that isn’t freestanding because it isn’t standing at all. I really love the wall-mounted look for sinks, especially if that sink comes with storage and counter space. In general I am just a big fan of getting things up off the floor, freeing up space underneath the item and creating some cool optical effects. It adds a little hint of space age to your bathroom.

Let’s not mince words–we are living in stressful times. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a comfortable place to relax. A luxurious freestanding bathtub is a great and very trendy way to start, and brightening things up is always a healthy choice for winter. Kubebath’s great selection of contemporary and sleek bathtub designs makes it easy.

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