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Four Types of Trendy Sectionals for the Modern House and Home

Do you need a couch for your living room but a regular loveseat just won’t do? Perhaps you need more space for when you have more than two guests at a time, or legroom to stretch into a more comfortable pose for ideal computer browsing. Normally, you wouldn’t think to pick up a sectional to fill that gap because you think, “Who has those anymore?” But that’s not true! Sectionals are back in style and many have a modern look to them, making them great for any home. Not sure where to start? No problem! There are not two, not three, but four different types of sectionals to talk about today, and many couches within each category to choose from. You can easily find a sectional that fits your living room’s style, matches your other furniture, and will look great for years to come!

Durable Leather

Leather is a choice for those who want a couch to last. It can even look better with some good old-fashioned wear and tear! These come in classic, no-nonsense colors that fit every living room arrangement and are nice and cool to the touch in the hot months of summer. If you have a pet, their nails are less likely to scratch up leather’s tough exterior than other sectionals and the fur falls right off for easy cleaning. Allergens have a hard time sticking to the surface, making this not just slick but also highly functional. This is a great sectional choice for those who like sitting, and sitting often.

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Stylish Velvet

Velvet is very soft and cozy to sleep on; ideal if you have an occasional couch crasher or just want to feel luxurious every time you sit down to watch TV with your legs out. It works best if the sectional is the only velvet in the living room, to be the centerpiece of taste rather than an overused design choice. This type of sectional is the elegant counterpart to wear and tear leather for those who want to exude class from their living rooms. But it is not for those who are not willing to take good care of it; if your sectional is going to have a lot of people using it regularly or have furry friends in your household, reconsider velvet as an option or else you may find it too delicate to handle your sitting demands.

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Versatile Upholstery

Fabric is the style you’re most likely used to. It’s so common on all types of sofas that it’s sometimes just referred to as “upholstery.” Why? Fabric sofas are soft yet durable, and have more color options than leather and velvet. This kind of sectional is a good, safe choice if you want to branch out your couch tastes but don’t want to risk a piece that might feel too different in your home.

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Trendy Linen

Linen has a finer texture than what is traditionally under the fabric category, and mainly for that reason it can be looked up separately. If you want softness in your sectional but don’t want to do the care work that velvet usually requires, linen is a good medium ground. It has all the appearance of a fabric sectional, but the texture is a welcome little surprise of finery in an otherwise everyday living room.

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Why Buy A Sectional Instead of A Traditional Sofa?

Of all the types of sectionals, there are some shared advantages. For instance, you don’t need an ottoman to prop your legs up. Instead, you can use that extra space for a closer coffee table and therefore less spilling of glasses. The chaise of a sectional allows for an extra napping or bundled in blankets person compared to another type of couch, and are great for families who want to spend some time together on the couch and watch a show they all love.

Sectionals come in sizes for every living room and are a definite modern upgrade from the old couches of living room past.