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Build a Classy and Trendy Room Around a Tufted Chaise

Do you ever see a piece of furniture that you absolutely must have in your home, but aren’t sure what else to put with it in order for the room to still feel like a thematically complete set? Me too, and I’m here to help you build a unique furniture set that stays together. Today I’m going to focus on an exquisite chaise that’s been recently added to the Home Thangs catalog and deserves some love and focus.

Pearl Leather Chaise, 676-CH by Meridian Furniture
Pearl Leather Chaise, 676-CH by Meridian Furniture

I am in love with this chaise. It is sleek and sophisticated looking while still feeling antique, a great combination of old and new style. This can be placed in most living rooms or bedrooms, but you may have a special place in your home that you already picked out. Everyone’s homes are different, and what I think works may not for you, and vice versa.¬†You could easily match this chaise to other furniture by the same brand, but you wouldn’t be reading this blog post if you were the type that doesn’t like mixing up your furniture for a more interesting living space. The gold frames on this Meridian set may be a bit much in a room with a lot of windows, which is an important point to consider when decorating.

Angel Sisters Throw Tapestry, MW287478 by Toscano

Wall art is a great way to cover a lot of bare space on your wall without having to hang up six picture frames to equal the same amount of wall space, and a tapestry looks great while being an economical choice when it comes to taking up furniture space. I feel a fantasy tapestry like this one of angels is a good way to make your new chaise a little less serious and more inviting to sit on, as by itself it can look intimidating to use for guests. Put this tapestry behind it and the mood of the entire room lightens in response!

Brushed Nickel Chandelier, M209778 by Thomas Lighting

Next to consider is lighting. What tone do you want to set for you living or bedroom? If you have the ceiling space, a sepia-shaded chandelier is the way to go. Your chaise is a white color with gold framing, and sepia lighting evens it out to a comfortable beige and has it blend with the rest of the furniture better. There’s a reason the best coffee shops use a more dim sepia light rather than a bright fluorescent. A chandelier also keeps the class your chaise has without taking any away.

Cesar Coffee Table, 202-C by Meridian Furniture

You can’t have a chaise and sit on it without something to put your drinks on. A clawed foot coffee table is a good way to match this in aesthetic. I’d recommend one with a polished stone or stone imitation top, which are easy to clean and hard to damage. You’re more likely to hurt your knee than break the table running into it! Please turn on your lights when entering the room so you don’t run into the table.

Strong Box Ottoman, AE3316 by Toscano

Finally, if you have two people sitting on your chaise at once, you won’t have the normal leg room. Instead of investing in a bigger, less classy couch, get an ottoman. With its nailhead¬†sides that resemble fabric tufting and brown hues, this ottoman will blend right in with your theme while still being its own standing piece. This one in particular has the added benefit of doubling both as an extra cushy place to sit, but also as a compact storage unit, which not all ottomans have.