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Five Unique, Designer Accent Chairs To Help You Lounge In Style

A good chair is like a good friend: always there for you, a reassuring sight to see after a long day, and isn’t a pain in the rear. Finding this special chair is a lot easier said than done though, so here are five types of chairs to help you with your search for the perfect one for your home.

Classic Baroque Chair, 4758-D by Polart

If you are in the market for something classy yet simple and fresh, a baroque style chair may be the thing you’re looking for. Baroque chairs make great dining chairs¬†and can give a little spice to an average wooden dining table or offset a couch in the living room. You could consider this style of chair antiqued, but it is in a fun way! The tufted back you can see in this chair is definitely coming back in style, as now you can find tufted furniture in all kinds of fabrics and colors your heart could want. It also has clawed feet and a slight frame to differentiate it from standard chairs you might normally keep in your home.

Restro Lounge Chair, FMI1031-brown by Fine Mod Imports

Lounge chairs, while not as commonly identified by that name, are another kind of chair you may want to place in your home. It’s an egg shape, what isn’t there to love? This style is incredibly modern, and makes you feel surrounded and secure when sitting in one. Instead of having four legs, there is a singular, solid base which it stands on, giving the lounge (or egg) chair a different weight distribution and therefore a different feel when sitting in one. That comfortable, surrounded feeling is good for a teenager as well, as it gives them an extra sense of privacy in their room beyond a closed door! These are better for bedrooms and recreation rooms unless you have that modern-style theme throughout the home because it will otherwise stand out.

Frame Finish Armchair, 611-C by Polrey

A fancy armchair is also a good choice to consider, as it exudes regality with multiple frame finish and fabric options to customize with. Because of its decadence and arms on both sides, it’s a better fit for a living room or bedroom and meant to be more of a centerpiece to a room than part of a consistent style; too much of this elaborate type of furniture can make a room feel stuffy and worse, be difficult to dust! But a chair or two is a nice touch to give a room the grandeur that it currently lacks. Like the baroque style chair, this also has a tufted back, but with a more elegant and less whimsical tone.

Frame Finish Dome Chair, 658-C by Polrey

A dome chair is a good compromise between the egg and the framed style chairs if you like the security the egg type provides but find its style clashing with a more traditional furniture set. It is not tufted like some of the other options, but instead has a dainty patterned and striped back. A brown, simple frame allows it for a lot more matching options with other furniture, especially in the living room. This also has clawed feet that give it a little extra character that your space may lack otherwise.

Chesterfield Vinyl Chair, 777-P by Polart

Vinyl is a “no muss no fuss” kind of fabric, difficult to stain and easy to clean, making it perfect for chairs. It can be placed in porches and living rooms alike. A living room chair outside? Don’t worry, vinyl resists water so it can be rained on! Its light coloring and spacious arm rests give any room a sunny disposition. This vinyl chair in particular has tufted sides and overall comfortable seating.

Whether your needs are for fancy, elegant, fun, or other styles, there is a chair type for you.