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Ten Garden Statue and Fountain Ideas for an Elegant Lawn

Decorating a large outdoor area can be a daunting prospect. The more space you have to work with, the harder it can be to fill it with basics like flowers and shrubbery. If your lawn or garden is feeling a little empty, a well-placed statue or fountain can bring your landscaping to a new level, not only filling up that extra space, but turning it into a focal point and feature. Not quite sure where to start? Here are ten of our top statues and fountains for accentuating a really big back yard.

Pieta on Base, MAR5-GE14688 by AFD

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this recreation of Michelangelo’s Pieta on your landscape—though lacking the awe-inspiring detail of the original in Vatican City—is still a humbling sight any visitor to your home would appreciate. This statue is meant to create a sense of grandeur at your home among trimmed grass, stone siding, and one or two other statues or accent pillars.

Musician Ladies Sitting Dome Fountain, B-W-74330 by AFD

Similar to when choosing a statue, choosing a fountain is all about your aesthetic. This one in particular is ornate in detail, color, and texture. It is both pleasing to look at and touch, if you prefer a tactile element to your art appreciation. If you are a fan of music and musical imagery, this is the kind of fountain I would recommend. Each figure has her own instrument to avoid that copy-pasted feel a lot of mass-produced sculptures have.

Pair Angel on Pedestal, MAR5-GE14620 by AFD

What’s better than one gorgeous statue? Two that match and complement each other! I find that sculptures involving angels tend to have a beautiful level of detail to them. For those who prefer a flowerpot method of planting, use pedestals throughout your lawn to prop up both your pots and statues and have a uniform feeling throughout.

Three Tier Fountain, MAR5-GE11514 by AFD

This is a more simple and classic fountain for those who desire something less elaborate on their lawn. Fountains create white noise as they run, and having one means walking out onto your deck everyday to the therapeutic sound of water on stone. While this can be very relaxing for you, the fountain owner, make sure you’re not placing your fountain too close to a neighbor and causing a noise disturbance. It’s always polite to ask the people living nearby about if that’s an okay background noise for them before installing. It never hurts to be polite ahead of time instead of waiting until there’s a complaint.

Soldier on Horseback, MAR5-GE14896 by AFD

These statues are for historians and those who recreate great battles of the past every day on their own lawn. Trying to bend nature to your will can be a frustrating endeavor, as the earth tends to do its own thing if given half a second to recover. A soldier on horseback may just be the edge you need to win the fight against mole infestations and stubborn dandelions.

Four Boy Fountain, B-W-52365BG by AFD

This is another very detailed fountain, but instead of musician women, this is four boys holding up their water basin like a platter for an offering. Be mindful when looking for a place to put your statue or fountain. It needs to be on steady ground where natural weather patterns can’t interfere with its form and function. You don’t want to install your piece and then have it tip over or sink into the ground because it was too close to a wetlands soil type or the like.

Hear-See-Speak No Evil Monkeys, B-W-97150 by AFD

So far, a lot of these statues wouldn’t be labeled “friendly” upon first glance. Not so with this statue. Looking at these monkeys will make you crack a smile as they mimic the age-old “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” mantra. If you are a fan of bronze or creating a welcoming lawn, this is a good statue for you.

Two Herons Fountain, B-W-81035 by AFD

This fountain takes a more natural approach to garden decoration. The herons invoke a sense of mother nature’s beauty, a fountain that is a calming presence in a zen landscape and lawn. Fountains can cool the surrounding area they’re in if they have the right environment; for example, if one was under a shady nest of trees or in a wind tunnel, natural or artificial. Use this to your advantage when placing these herons to maximize their effectiveness.

Boy Scout with Flag Pole, B-W-97058 by AFD

Did you have a Boy Scout in the family? This sculpture is unique in that it carries home a more personal touch with its message about the connection between youth and patriotism. The best part about this sculpture is that it is also an actual flagpole to wave whatever flag of your choosing. Both stylish and functional, this sculpture would do well on smaller or more crowded lawns and landscapes, and is ideal for a family setting.

White Marble Four Tier Fountain, MAR5-GE616-GT by AFD

A grander take on the simple style of water fountains, this marble fountain is four tiers high with a more decorative basin to hold water. If you have a genuinely large garden and need a sizeable, striking centerpiece for it, this is the choice for you. As always, buy smart: make sure you’re ready for the upkeep of these decorations before you purchase one, as statues and fountains tend to be placed outside where they face regular weathering. Having the right weather-proofing equipment is key to a long-lasting, beautiful piece of art.