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Baby’s First Bedroom, A Guide to Crib Themes

My cousin is having her second baby this coming December (a girl!), and in the excitement for her I’d like to show off one of my favorite baby sets from our catalog for those of you who are also expecting a little one in the next year, or just want to wow your friend’s upcoming baby shower. I want to highlight what a coordinated baby bedroom set looks like, so I’m largely going to focus on one brand, My Baby Sam, for this article. But don’t think that’s all Home Thangs has to offer in terms of adorable baby gear: there is an entire baby section to browse through!

Aqua 3pc Crib Set, CRIB3167 by My Baby Sam

A crib set comes with a matching quilt, sheet, and crib skirt to ensure you have the most coordinated baby around. If you’re not sure yet what sex your baby is, the Aqua theme has both pink and blue to cover your bases. Nothing is more gender neutral than polka dots and birds! Crib skirts are nice because they hide what’s underneath the crib, meaning you can use that space as a storage area without disrupting the look of the bedroom.

Aqua Crib Rail Cover, RC167 by My Baby Sam

A rail cover is just what you need if you have a slippery baby, as it’s both decorative and functional. It’s a lot more difficult for a baby to grab hold of the crib railing and escape if instead they grab onto harmless fabric and can’t crawl onto the other side. Unless your baby is very talented, this should be able to stop them in their tracks before they can get one foot out of the crib. I’ve personally never had children or babysat a little one, but my mother assures me this is a real problem you can have. She would know, I crawled out of the crib every night.

Baby Mobile in Aqua, MB167 by My Baby Sam

A mobile is a really useful tool for keeping your baby occupied. These cute, sleepy birds will distract your baby’s eye and lull them to sleep with their soothing colors and gentle circular motion. Not to mention this mobile is just too darn cute to resist. I’d recommend adding more bird-themed things for your baby room like paintings or stuffed animals to inspire a love of our aviary friends early in life.

Aqua Polka Dot Changing Pad Cover, CPC67 by My Baby Sam

An unfortunate fact of life is that babies are too young to use toilets. A changing table is a necessity for your new child, but it doesn’t have to be obnoxious or stand out from the rest of your baby’s bedroom set. You can get a cover for your changing pad that matches your crib set and can be removed for washing. Even if you do get a stain on it, the busy pattern will keep it from being too noticeable.

Fitted Flannel Blue Crib Sheet, Z 132 FL BLUE 5 oz by Pure Rest Organics

Don’t forget to always have a spare set of sheets in case your baby has an accident. Plain sheets are better for temporary use while the other main set is getting washed. There is less concern about ruining the pattern if something happens to them while they’re in use, and the simple style works if you decide to change the bedroom’s theme later on. Flannel is also good for the crib in colder environments, like if you have a particularly harsh winter. Remember, a warm baby is a happy baby!