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Five Clawed Foot Coffee Tables From Meridian To Dress Up Your Living Room

Furniture with clawed feet, where the bottom of a table’s legs taper out into a round, claw-like shape was a style popularized in the 1700’s. There are many variations clawed feet can have, and it’s a style that has aged well and is sure to remain a timeless piece in your home. For this reason, here are five coffee tables in the clawed foot style that are sure to look great in any modern-day living room and fit your needs.

Bella Coffee Table, 232B-C by Meridian Furniture

I like this one for its simplicity. It has a cherry finish, giving it a rich, reddish tone to the wood. This will match well if your furniture has a lot of warmer tones and beige or eggshell white. The top is made of marble, which is both sturdy and easy to clean. That’s good to have if you have a light-colored top to your tables, as they show dirt and spills more than┬áthan darker colors.

Lyon Coffee Table, 285-C by Meridian Furniture

The cherry wood finish on this clawed coffee table goes well with just about any living room color scheme, and would be ideal for a high-traffic room with kids or pets. The range of colors in the marble surface help conceal dirt, debris, and even some surface scratches from regular use. What I like about this table is that the rich brown hues will almost guarantee a smooth blend with the rest of your living room furniture so that you aren’t stuck rearranging all your things in an attempt to coordinate the room best.

Milan Coffee Table, 257-C by Meridian Furniture

The addition of light colors to the sides is a bold choice for this design, as orange, blue, and green can be difficult to match with the room around it. This also has the same challenge as the cherry finish, in that white will show dirt and debris a lot easier than the darker coffee table options. If you can make it work though, it will definitely be the centerpiece of your room and invoke a lot of awe from your guests.

Valencia Coffee Table, 258-C by Meridian Furniture

A gold finish table is for those who want a sense of grandeur to go with the antique clawed foot style. It works well in conjunction with bronze and brown hues. This is not the best choice if you have a carpeted floor, as the carpet a lot of living rooms have are a brown-beige that won’t do the nuanced colors of this table a favor, but you can get around that with a solid area rug. That way, you will be framing the gold legs within the living room as the focal point of the rug, rather than blending in too much with plain carpet.

Florence Coffee Table, 218-C by Meridian Furniture

This coffee table has the most elaborate clawed feet of the group and the darkest colors. The legs and sides have an ornate, leaf-like pattern. If you own black leather furniture or just want something spill-proof for the kids, this table would definitely fit the best in your living room. As a quick tip, think about the height you’d like your table at when you’re next to it. Most coffee table surfaces end up level to around knee height when you’re sitting on the couch. If you’re not sure how tall a coffee table listing is, I would recommend simply using a measuring tape and measuring the height a family member’s knees reach while sitting. When shopping online, it can be hard to eyeball the size of an object from the pictures or from the site’s measurements. If you know exactly what range of numbers you want, it will save you a lot of time while shopping.