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Spooky and Fun Furniture Accents for Halloween

Ready or not, ghouls and boys, Halloween is coming! If you are a party person, you’re likely thinking of unique decorations for your house that’ll spook and delight your guests. While there is way too much to talk about from the catalog, here is a selection of some of HomeThangs’ spooky goods that can work for a Halloween party appropriate for all ages.

Vampire Bat Welcome Plaque, CL6358 by Toscano

First things first, you need to let your guests know where the party is at. The best way to do this is replacing your normal “Welcome” sign (if you have one) with a spookier, angry bat sign for your door. Make sure when you are setting up a door decoration what kind of support you need, whether it be removable plastic strips, tack, or small surface nails that need to be hammered in. When in doubt, go with the option that can hold the most weight so that you’re not frustrated dealing with the plaque falling off every single time you open the door. Combine with an appropriate Halloween welcome mat and your entry will be bat-tastic!

Castle Dragon Wall Sconce, SP803 by Toscano

Lighting is crucial in having a good Halloween setup. Where you can, it’s best to forgo orange, purple, or green-tinted light bulbs for flickering candles to add a dark atmosphere. Wall sconces are fairly easy to set up and clean up, containing their own dish to catch candle wax and a metal exterior making wax cleanup afterward a breeze. You can also use a hot glue gun and safely make fake cobwebs reach all over the sconce’s decorum to make it seem extra old and Halloween-like. Hot glue dries fast, so you can add that kind of touch ten minutes before your party starts, if you’d like.

Memento Mori Skull Clock, QS3917 by Toscano

Imagine it’s getting late and one of your guests ask what time it is, and being able to rip a skull’s head from its jaw to answer them. Not only is it a great party trick, it’s a functional clock you can use year-round and display on a shelf with your favorite Shakespeare books. Plus, children will think this is the most amazing and magical decoration; you may even hear a recurring “clink clink” during the party as one keeps popping the head off. Since this skull is faux bronze, you don’t have to worry about it breaking from being inevitably dropped at least once.

Picc A Dilly Set, OS68565 by Toscano

Want something unique outside in your garden? Add to your collection of jack-o-lanterns and spiderwebs with these little goblins staring creepily through the bushes at your guests. People are expecting skulls and bones hidden in your garden; this is not only a nice twist on that expectation, but a lot softer of a scare if you have young trick or treaters coming by. If you do want these sculptures to do a little scaring, consider an under lighting setup on the ground of your garden so their shadows cast upwards and give the goblins’ faces a haunting glow.

Metal Vampire Bats, FU16269 by Toscano

Unsure how much you want to decorate outside and inside? Metal bats are the perfect and/or option, being both slim and weather-resistant! Their shadows cast just as haunting of an image, so don’t feel limited to hanging these metal bats where people can see them. A well-placed hidden bat can cast a giant and menacing shadow on an unsuspecting guest. If you’re feeling up to the task, consider stringing multiple bats together into a garland above doorways and windows, or attach them to existing string lights you have saved for Christmas to make them just that much spookier for Halloween purposes. Nothing is better than recycling your decorations to get the most out of them.