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Vanity Styles That Look Great in Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom can leave your design senses feeling cramped and lacking. It doesn’t have to be this way though, if you choose the best hardware for your space. In this case, we’re talking about small vanities that do their job and also look great. There are a variety of styles to choose from, so take a look and decide what vanity not only fits your bathroom, but suits it.

Spice Up Your Space With Wood And Marble

A good way to incorporate a subtle but not obnoxious pattern into your vanity is through the type of material chosen to make it. Wood can have a well-textured surface, and prominently and beautifully show the grain when finished properly. Marble can also incorporate various colors into itself and have a speckled surface of branching rock. Some vanities include the option for customization; if you don’t like the faucet head or marble used, double-check on the listing to see if you can have a version that better fits your bathroom’s style.

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Choose A Hand Painted Vanity For A Custom Feel

A painted vanity can add a lot of character to a plain bathroom, making its smallness have maximum impact on the little space given. A matching shower curtain or bathroom rug would be ideal if you are looking to make an artsy type of bathroom. If you don’t see a pattern you like, you can always buy a plain, solid color vanity and some stencils from your local craft store and do it yourself. Make sure you test your paints before you apply it to the surface and tape down your stencils so they can’t move mid-painting.

The New Neutral: Gray Bathroom Vanities

Grey can be soft and have subtle blue hues to it, so if you’re thinking of an aquatic-themed–or just blue walls–a grey vanity is the way to go. I think grey is an unappreciated color; it goes with everything in the way black can, but less harshly because it matches both light and dark colors. Shaker style cabinets have a little house in the country feel to them and therefore add a little decorative pizzazz that a solid-door vanity doesn’t.

Try Modern Minimalism With A Wall Mounted Vanity

Say you’re looking for something more daring in a small space. Something that gives your bathroom an edge over other, more traditional bathrooms. Modern vanities can be so slick that they don’t even touch the bathroom floor. Have you ever wanted a giant rug in a tiny bathroom? If you wall-mount your vanity, that space is suddenly available. I would recommend dark colors if you want something modern in order to keep it from being a garish primary color cube on your wall and more of a tasteful piece that doesn’t feel like it takes up any space.

Open Up Your Space With Glass Fronted Cabinets

Windows are a classic way of being able to see what’s inside your vanity before you ever open it, but frosted glass suddenly makes it a mystery again. You may ask yourself what the point of it is then, and I will tell you; your toiletries will look better if they are only vague colors and shapes of things than if you can read your tampon box every time you need to use your bathroom. Frosted glass tells guests that you are an open book, you’re not hiding your first aid supplies and extra towels like a dirty secret, but you also understand that the vanity wouldn’t look as good if you could see these items clearly. You can also spice up frosted glass with vinyl stickers of flowers, quotes, or whatever the theme is of the space.

Working with a cramped bathroom isn’t fun, but with the right vanity, even a small space can be stylish!