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Dress Up Your Small Bathroom With Vanities That Feel Like Furniture

When faced with remodeling a small bathroom, your instinct is probably to pare down – to look for the smallest, most minimalist furniture and fixtures you can find. After all, a happy small bathroom is one that’s simple, streamlined, clean, and clutter free, right? Certainly that can be true, but if you’re not a big fan of a stark modern design, the look can be off-putting, and if you ask me, the best small bathrooms are ones you enjoy being in. The solution? Look for bathroom vanities that are small but stylish, with a furniture-like appearance that will make your bathroom feel cozy and homey rather than simply small.

Think Outside The (Cabinet) Box

Provence 34" Single Bathroom Vanity with MIrror MOD081WP-M from Modetti
Provence 34″ Single Bathroom Vanity with Mirror MOD081WP-M from Modetti

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If you ask me, a lot of small bathroom vanities can feel a little same-y, whether we’re talking sleek modern squares or more traditional compact cabinet boxes. In a tight space, though, you want a vanity that packs a more stylish punch – something that’s going to make a statement rather than blend into the background. Personally, I love vanities that are designed to look more like furniture than cabinetry, particularly ones that have a dresser-like feel. It’ll make your small bathroom feel like an elegant dressing room, and as an added bonus, the drawer-style storage is often more efficient, too!

Try On A Dressing Table

Castilian 39" Single Bathroom Vanity in Vintage Vanilla 161-V39-VV-A from James Martin Furniture
Castilian 39″ Single Bathroom Vanity in Vintage Vanilla 161-V39-VV-A from James Martin Furniture

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Vanities designed to look like dressing tables are another great choice.  With their long legs and smaller (or non-existent) cabinets, you’re looking at a little bit of a loss of storage, but all that white space will absolutely make your small bathroom feel bigger and more open – exactly the opposite of a hefty, bulky cabinet. If you really need it, you can toss a decorative basket underneath to store towels, or look for a slightly more substantial table with built in drawers or a small waist-height cabinet.

Add A Pop Of Color

Buckner Hall 32" Chest Bathroom Vanity Set 11.22.275532.38 from Cole and Co
Buckner Hall 32″ Chest Bathroom Vanity Set 11.22.275532.38 from Cole and Co

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Opting for a more furniture-like bathroom vanity also means you have a lot more options in terms of color. While, again, most traditional vanities come in a handful of wood finishes plus black, white, and maybe gray, when you step a little outside the box, you can find all kinds of unique finishes. Far from the dreaded washed out white-on-white or overly stark black-and-white modern bathroom, these charming designer vanities are great for adding a little pop of color and a bit of lively character to your space.

Go For Glam

Palazzo 24" Single Bathroom Vanity MOD006-24 from Modetti
Palazzo 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity MOD006-24 from Modetti

There’s even a whole subset of bathroom vanities with mirrored or metallic finishes. This is very much an unconventional option, but a surprisingly good one for a small bathroom. Mirrored surfaces in general help add depth and brightness to a room, and on top of making your space feel a little bit bigger, they’re also a fantastically glamorous touch. Mirrored vanity tables are very old Hollywood glam, and paired with a dressing-room style lighted vanity mirror, you can add a decadent, backstage feel to your bathroom without making it feel overly crowded.

Look For Lovely Woodwork

Palm Beach 31" Single Bathroom Vanity 420-V31-DKA-AF from James Martin Furniture
Palm Beach 31″ Single Bathroom Vanity 420-V31-DKA-AF from James Martin Furniture

Lots of small, traditional vanities have woodwork on them – at least, the kind you’d expect from a vanity: decorative feet, carved wood doors, and some detailing on the edges and corners. But if you want a really unique look, opt for something a little more ornate, either more elaborate carving, unique hardware, or inlaid wood detailing. Now, you don’t want to go overboard or overly ostentatious in a small space, but if you keep everything else relatively simple, a show-stopper vanity can help you get that big bathroom feel even in a smaller space. Paired with a nice rug, towels, and curtains, a really nice decorative vanity can make even the smallest bathroom feel luxurious.

Charming Hand Painted Detailing

Copper Cove 26" Single Hand Painted Bathroom Vanity 300-V26-HP01 from James Martin Furniture
Copper Cove 26″ Single Hand Painted Bathroom Vanity 300-V26-HP01 from James Martin Furniture

Last but not least, veering away from conventional vanities means you can find some really lovely detail work that you rarely see in a bathroom, like hand-painted embellishments. These are, of course, designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of a bathroom (which is part of why they’re on the rare side!), but they very much have the feel of hand-made furniture. It’s a relatively small upgrade, but one that can really make your bathroom feel relaxed and inviting – a small personal touch that makes your space just that much nicer to be in.

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