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Bringing Your Room Together: Why A Decorative Accent Chair Might Be Just What You Need

Most of the time when we talk about redecorating, it’s on a large scale – like replacing all your furniture. But if you just want to add a little pizzazz to your home? A smaller project is a better place to start. Especially if you like the furniture you have, but feel like something’s missing from your current decor, what you really need might be a piece of accent furniture. A new accent chair can help balance out a room’s colors, freshen up older furniture by contrast, or even put a new design twist on your same-old style.

What’s the Point of an Accent Chair?

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Aside from the obvious function that chairs serve, why would you want an accent chair specifically? One can provide color balance to a room by either complementing an existing color scheme, or being the solo piece of an intense color you want to bring out in the other furniture. To guests, they give a sense of your personal priorities. Is the accent chair flashy or subdued, comfortable or decorative only? Accent chairs do well in pairs to complement and surround a sofa, coffee table, fireplace, and other pieces that you may already have.

Why Decorate with Chairs Rather Than Other Types of Furniture?

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Chairs come in a wide range of sizes, from big and bold to quite compact. That makes it easy to customize them to the amount of space you have. And regardless of size, they’re never purely ornamental; however many accent chairs you have, you’ll have an extra spot to sit. Accent chairs are also less likely to gather forgotten knick-knacks and junk than a cabinet or accent table. That said, chairs do pair well with small end tables – especially if you’d like to create a small reading area. Most importantly, chairs have the most variety in terms of style, so it’s easy to find on with a look you love.

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You can also get a specific look without committing an entire room to one type of furniture. For example, having an entirely tufted furniture set can quickly get obnoxious and maybe even uncomfortable. But a single piece pulls out the tufted charm without going overboard. Accent chairs also tend to be more lightweight than other furniture, so you can easily move them to whatever room you’re entertaining in for emergency extra seating or last-minute flair to your theme.

Where Do I Keep an Accent Chair?

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Accent chairs can go in any room of the house, provided there’s space for them. Obviously, larger areas like the living room or master bedroom give you more space to work with. But don’t let that limit your possibilities. In the bedroom, an accent chair provides seating for your guest without forcing them to sit awkwardly on your bed. In the bathroom, it can work as a powder chair or blow-drying station away from the counter so someone else can use the sink. An accent chair can go by a window to take advantage of the natural lighting for reading, watching birds, or other activities. You can even use two to bookend your dining table and spice up your dinner seating for an evening.

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If your house is a little architecturally odd, place an accent chair near the oddity. One with a similar design will complement unusual woodwork or windows, while a sufficiently distinct chair can help focus attention away from problem areas.Don’t have a use for another chair in your home? There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an accent chair just for the sake of style – especially if it proves not to be that comfortable. The point of one is to tie a room’s design together and give ambiance; sitting is secondary.