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Four Smart Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Not every apartment, condo, house, or home you live in is going to be perfect. You might not have as much space as you’d like to start with, and that’s before you put furniture in the rooms. But just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to abandon your big design ideas. Here are four ways to make your space feel less claustrophobic and more claus-terrific.

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Declutter and Organize

There are a lot of ways to get organized in a small bedroom. First and foremost, you want to simply put things away – in a cabinet, bookshelf, or end table. It can be in any shape or style, as long as it makes what you need easier to find. Documents you use regularly should be at eye level, and important documents you need to keep but don’t use often can go at the bottom or on a top shelf. If you don’t have space in the room itself, putting a shelving unit in your closet can maximize the space in a way that both builds upwards and organizes what you’re storing. A full-sized set of drawers won’t fit in most closets, but a smaller storage unit is great for storing things like socks and underwear.

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If you have space underneath your bed, it’s a great spot to keep shallow organizers or shoe boxes. If you can, always choose a clear container so that you can see the contents without having to pull it out and open it, saving time when searching for an object. You should also consider wall-mounted shelves that allow furniture to be placed underneath for extra wall storage. Don’t forget to label your existing folders, boxes, and drawers. If they look tacky, you can always remove the labels later once you’ve memorized your new system, but until then they are a huge time-saver.

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Get Rid of the Garbage

While reorganizing a small bedroom, you’re bound to find a lot of belongings you’ve forgotten about or don’t use hidden away in the corners. I can’t emphasize this enough: throw them out. You’re never going to find that missing sock if you haven’t found it while cleaning in the first place. To help this process, a small garbage can in your bedroom can do wonders for mismatched belongings and loose debris that you find. Bandages, dead pens, shirt lint, candy wrappers, and more can easily get swept under the bed if you don’t have somewhere to immediately dispose of them.

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Go Down a Bed Size

A king may be considered the best bed you can get because it’s the biggest, but it’s simply not practical for a small bedroom. If you can go down a size to a queen or full, you will definitely feel the difference the extra free inches opens up for you. You can also push your bed against the wall and consider a thin or wall-mounted headboard to put as little space in-between the two while still keeping it decorative.

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While you’re at it, replace any worn-out bedding you’ve accumulated but “technically still does its job.” You’ve already made a sacrifice to have less bed space, you’ve earned a new comforter that isn’t a hand-me-down from three beds ago. Bedding that is the right fit will emphasize your mattress, not drown it by hanging over the sides and onto the floor.

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Keep It Simple

Can your chair be pushed into your desk when you’re not using it? If not, replace it with a chair that does. If all your clothes can’t fit in your dresser, weed out the ones you care the least about for the donate pile instead of trying to cram everything in. Keep making little decisions like these throughout the room, and you’ll surprise yourself at both how much you don’t need and the feel of your bedroom afterwards. That said, don’t feel like everything has to be donated if it doesn’t fit; less-read books and periodicals you still enjoy can go in the living room, either in their own bookcase or as coffee table reading.

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This is the hardest advice to follow because it requires a lifestyle change. You may think, “I don’t need to do these things because I won’t have a small bedroom forever.” That may be true, but feeling cramped inside your own personal space can negatively impact your mood over time. If you can’t open your drawers all the way because they hit the bed every time, it gets to feel discouraging that you’ll never “fit” at your own home. Objectively, that’s just not true! If you change the way your small bedroom feels, it changes the way you feel, and that makes a world of difference.

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