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Wow Your Guests With These Five Types of Home Bar Accessories

A home bar is a great way to entertain without having to go out to a dimly-lit tavern. That said, it can feel very underwhelming in atmosphere if you only have the bare necessities for your bar. Choice accessories not only add to the atmosphere of the bar environment, but also provide both functional and fun ways to personalize your space in order to elevate it from just another hole in the wall where you meet up with friends for a drink.

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Secret Storage

Alcohol containers, liquor cabinets, and glass holders can be hidden as a number of everyday objects. Is it a regular decorative globe, or a wine rack? A coffee table or a liquor cabinet? Your sober friends will find this novel and maybe delightful, but your drunk friends will lose their minds over bar secret storage units. As a fair bit of warning, don’t let your drunk friends play with these objects too much, as their inebriation makes them less careful and more likely to break either the storage unit or the glass you may have in it.

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Wall Art Wine Racks

A good way to accessorize your home bar is to use what you already have: alcohol. A creative wine rack can double as wall art and a display menu for your guests. You can showcase your best bottles while keeping them close by for celebratory drinks on the fly. I love the recent trend of alcohol companies consulting graphic designers to make some incredible non-traditional wine bottles and beautiful brand labels that make keeping wine around much more of an art. Standing racks are completely fine too for both storage and decorating, but wall-mounted ones also take up less floor space, which you can’t beat.

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Bar Buffets

This home bar accessory exists to avoid accidents when carrying expensive alcohol and glasses around or between rooms. Whether you get a lot of mobile use for it or keep it stationed against a wall, buffets make for beautiful accents to a room. Not to mention, you can use the counter top to mix drinks on if your bar counter is getting a little crowded. With an ice bucket, a bar buffet can be a completely portable mini-bar for more active events. Buffets can also go both indoors and outdoors, making them incredibly versatile along with being convenient.

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All-in-One Home Bar Furniture

If your home bar is limited in space and you can’t have individual bar accessories for each need, consider something all-in-one.┬áDon’t want to commit to a wall wine rack because you have tasteful wall art to hang instead? You can get one that doubles as a table. A lot of bar hookups include glass holders underneath the shelving unit or counter top to safely store your glasses without them being cramped in a cabinet. The cabinet space you free up with hanging glasses can be used as a liquor cabinet so that your alcohol is not taking up all the counter space.

Wall-Mounted Tools For Your Home Bar

Are you always losing your bottle opener because it travels room to room and somehow always ends up underneath your couch cushions? A wall-mounted bottle opener is just one way to accessorize your home bar to be more convenient. Just like with the wine racks, putting this on your wall makes it both decorative and easy to find.

I find that most bar accessories exist not only to aid your home bar tending experience, but also as a great conversation starter. Crack open a cold beer on your wall and tell your guests all about how savvy you are at designing your home bar.

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