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All-Ages Shades of Pink: Designing A Pink Bedroom That Your Child Can Grow Up With

Parents may design a child’s nursery by themselves, but at some point your kids will start wanting to have a say in how their bedroom is decorated. They may not have the best design sense, but you want to make your child feel comfortable in their own space. Some kids decide that everything has to be their favorite color, and with brighter colors like pink that can feel like a tall order. You may be hesitant to grant that request in fear of having to replace their entire bedroom later, but there is less reason to worry than you think. With some care, a child’s pink bedroom can grow up with them, without wearing out its welcome.

Pink Velvet Full Bed, CandacePink-F by Meridian Furniture

Pink as we know it is presented as a feminine color, but that hasn’t always been the case. Neither pink or blue was dictated for a specific gender until the first World War, and it was opposite the way it is today; pink wasn’t associated with women until the 1940s. With the advent of “rose gold” phones and accessories and more inclusive color palettes for items marketed toward children, pink may be coming back around as a gender neutral color and is more likely to stand the test of time for all children.

While an entirely pink bedroom may feel like overkill, consider using pink as an accent through the lighting fixtures, area rugs, or your child’s sheet set (by Cutting Edge Construction Services LLC)

Along with being subjected to a single gender, pink’s use in interior design has also been dependent on age in the past. If you liked pink as a child, you likely were told you would “grow out of it” at some point and shouldn’t commit to having pink furniture or clothing. Now, we’re seeing that it’s become more acceptable in home design to incorporate pink alongside neutral colors in various rooms, no longer bound to be in a baby girl’s nursery. There is potential for it to age well in your child’s room due to pink’s now longer-lasting value as a color for both children and adults.

Modern Victorian Dresser For Kids, 305-C by Polart

Depending on your child’s (and your) taste, the shade of pink you use is an important factor in building a pink bedroom. Bolder, darker shades like hot pink and magenta seem aimed at teens, while young children are encouraged to have soft pastels and bubblegum pink toys. There is no right choice on which end of the spectrum you should lean towards, but factoring your kid’s age into the equation will help you shop in the right category for the pink you want.

A pink nursery is traditional for baby girls, but you don’t have to repaint the room when it’s time to upgrade to a real bed (by Andrea Leigh Interiors)

Of course, you’re running some risks when designing a pink bedroom, as you would with any solo color theme. What can mean the world to your child one day can be quickly thrown out in favor of something new and exciting the next. Rather than only paint and decorate with different shades of pink, It’s a safer choice to have multiple colors in your child’s bedroom so that you can swap out furniture to match the other colors over the years rather than replacing the entire bedroom set at once.

Mini Ladies Chair For Kids, 561-D by Polart

Planning for change is the best way to stay ahead on home decoration. Pink is a lot more versatile than it used to be for creating comfortable and fun bedrooms, but there’s no guarantee that it will the be color that takes off for your child. It’s easy to go with a pink bedroom if you have a daughter because it’s expected of her to like it, but children can also surprise you at any turn. Pink is a fun, lovable color, but in the future you can always spend a weekend with your kids re-painting or touching up old bedroom pieces together and making it whatever color they want next.

Don’t be afraid to embrace rose gold, salmon, bubblegum, magenta, or any other shade of pink when decorating your child’s bedroom. No matter what your kid likes, there will be a way to work it into a bedroom theme both of you can be proud of.