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Open Up a Small Living Room With a Glass Top Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of your living room – literally; they’re right in the middle of your space, and sit in front of all the rest of your furniture. So while they may not be your biggest-ticket item, they should be front and center when updating your living room. If you crave a more sophisticated feel, or just need to make your living room feel bigger than it is? Consider forgoing a traditional wooden or bulky stone coffee table for a glass top coffee table that will highlight your furniture rather than detract from it.

How you place furniture in a small room is just as important to making it feel big as what you place; move around your pieces to figure out the best arrangement (by Sealy Design Inc.)

Upgrading to a glass top coffee table is a great way to make your living room seem bigger. It’s a trend many home design shows are encouraging for small space living because these coffee tables open up the room they’re in. The transparent nature of glass makes other furniture feel less cramped and cooped up together. It can also trick the brain into thinking the room is larger and more spaced out.

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This works because having a glass top means the coffee table blends in with the surrounding furniture. Even front and center in the room, glass topped coffee tables aren’t necessarily the center of attention. Instead, you can emphasize a bold color rug or accent couch to liven up the room. Coffee tables are great for having a small meal around the couch or a place to put your drinks. A glass top gives you that surface space, but feels less bulky and cumbersome than a wooden or stone table.

Not only do glass coffee tables make your living room feel larger, they can also make it feel more grand. Glass adds a fragile element, making the space feel luxurious. This kind of coffee table gives a high-end look to the room around it due to the more careful (though very manageable) upkeep it requires. You can prevent a lot of long-term damage to the glass with cork or fabric coasters for cups, and place mats for larger dishware to avoid direct contact with the glass top. Then, simply wipe it down with glass cleaner when it gets dirty. (Tip: this works for other types of tables, too, including glass dining tables).

Want to be more specific when upgrading your living room to a high-end look? Glass is considered very modern and pairs well with other modern furnishings. Glass used to be more fragile and harder to produce than it is today; that meant it was a rarity even for most windows, let alone furniture. In a small living room where there isn’t much room to create style, a glass top coffee table (especially with a steel or chrome frame to match) tells guests that you put careful thought into what pieces represent both you and the modern style.

That said, you aren’t obligated to style your living room modern just because you want a glass top coffee table. You can find just about any style table to match your existing furniture, or build a style that’s uniquely you. Any coffee table with a really ornate or intricate design is more fun with a glass top. Since you can see through the glass, you’ll be able to get a better look at the structure underneath.

If you’re feeling cramped in your small living room with your current coffee table, consider changing your look and live larger with a glass top coffee table.

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