Add A Touch Of Glamor To Your Master Bath with a Bathroom Chandelier

In the name of self-care, luxury bathroom products can be found in every mall, craft show, and pop-up shop that sparkle, shine, and make us feel like royalty in the bath. We already treat ourselves with bath bombs and bubble bars, why not treat the bathroom as well? Make your bathtub the centerpiece of your bathroom by hanging a classy chandelier above. It’s¬†elegant, ambient, and opens up the bathroom more than other light sources.

You can mix modern and traditional styles in your bathroom without the place looking like it belongs in a history museum instead of your house (by Lusso Design Group)

Having a chandelier in your bathroom conveys elegance that you just can’t get any other way. Chandeliers have been a symbol of high social standing since the 9th century, and make basic lighting an art form. If you’ve always fantasized about having a bathroom fit for royalty, this is a quick way to bring the entire room up a class without taking it back a few centuries.

A free-standing light combined with a free-standing tub are the perfect pairing to make a bathroom feel spacious (by Bathstore)

The best place in the bathroom for your chandelier to hang is above the tub, and I recommend that you pair yours with a freestanding tub. In placing the chandelier above the bathtub, the light frames and draws emphasis to the tub as the highlight of the bathroom, and the lack of tub walls refracts the light around the entire space. You get a less boxed-in look to the bathroom with a central light and open tub, making it feel bigger and more airy.

A chandelier won’t light up your bathroom to see every inch sparkle, but it does provide the perfect ambiance for relaxing (by Maillot Homes)

For those of you who spend a lot of time in the bathroom soaking, a chandelier provides effective mood lighting that the overhead lights fall short of.¬†Chandeliers are not the most effective lighting source, but they are all about the ambiance. I know that in my bathroom routine, the day-to-day bright lights above the mirror are great for getting ready in the morning, but cumbersome when I’m trying to relax in a bath. To go the extra mile, consider adding dimmers to your light switch so your chandelier brightness matches your mood.

Contemporary chandeliers offer elaborate decoration without the expensive drawbacks of olden, custom-made ones to make elegance more affordable (by Larsen Development Company)

You may think that an extravagant bathroom is out of your budget, but that is not true. Chandeliers have gotten a lot more affordable over the years and so you no longer need to be royalty to have one, or have them custom-made to fit your aesthetic.¬†Installation costs can also be low if you have an existing flushed mount light already in your bathroom. Both flush mount lights and chandeliers require the same hookups, so you don’t need to cut open your ceiling or re-wire your bathroom lights if you replace one with the other.

Consider a chandelier an investment in bathroom glamour, a feat not just any light source can do (by Boca Theater and Automation)

While you can replace an existing light for your chandelier, you can also have a professional wire your lighting up somewhere new, giving you much more control over where you want your chandelier to hang. Unlike other light fixtures you may have previously installed, a chandelier is a designer fixture that carries more presence in a room than your traditional recessed lights and bathroom vanity bulbs.

If you’re hoping to upgrade your bathroom to a more luxurious outpost, consider adding a chandelier to your contemporary bathroom design above the bathtub. You’ll reconsider getting out even when the water’s cold!