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Fun Feline Furniture: Get Your Cat’s Climb On with Cat Trees

If you’re a pet lover like me, your cat is considered an integral part of the family. But unlike other members of the family, your feline friend doesn’t have a space of their own in the same way you do. Give your cat a house inside your house with a cozy cat tree that’s made just for them and their needs. Whether you have an anxious cat or a bored one, cat trees are a positive way to release that energy without sacrificing your furniture in the process. There are a variety of choices between short and tall, simple or complex, with hiding holes or built-in toys for all your cat’s particular needs, making a cat tree a perfect gift for your furry friend.

Fur Cat Tree, 78899578020 by Majestic Pet

Just like humans, pets can get claustrophobia. Unlike us though, they aren’t as able to communicate their discomfort, instead lashing out by biting and scratching. In situations where your feline friend lives in an apartment or small house, this can’t be helped, but you can alleviate their anxiety through building play vertically through the use of tall cat trees. Cat trees increase the amount of vertical play space available for your cat in a way that is both easy to access and opens up the living space from the ground floor.

44″ Bungalow – Sherpa Cat Tree, 78899578043 by Majestic Pet

A cat tree can also function as a lookout post, giving your cat open space to survey the area. This makes the cat feel in control and secure that it can’t be snuck up on by other predators, reducing stress. That elevation keeps your cat from feeling cornered by ground-level threats, like dogs and toddlers, and they can choose to engage on their own terms or not at all. Many trees also have at least one hiding hole for your pet you use as a quiet zone to not be found in case guests come over or it’s time to vacuum.

Sherpa Cat Tree, 78899578003 by Majestic Pet

Having a proper cat tree encourages appropriate climbing and clawing behaviors. The soft fabric and knotted rope surfaces are a textural delight to your cat’s paws and help pull off old claw sheaths. Scratching and climbing are normal, natural behaviors that shouldn’t be discouraged in house cats, as devastating as it may be the first time your cat puts a hole in the side of the couch. You can discipline the cat so it only climbs and scratches on the cat furniture and not anywhere else, though it takes time and patience (and some how-to videos).

Sherpa Cat Tree, 78899578017 by Majestic Pet

Cat trees are not only a good distraction from your precariously mounted bookcase, but are also a good source of exercise with built-in toys. Being ambush predators, the ability to hide and pounce is crucial to their happiness. Making your cat jump and climb with a cat tree encourages daily physical activity that they would get in the wild, and you can further encourage this by placing toys high up or lining the tree with catnip.

You want durability in all your furniture, and pet furnishings is no exception because cats play rough (by 13 Design Lane Interiors)

Cat trees are built for multiple cat use, so they hold up over time as a durable piece of furniture. Unless your feline is particularly destructive, the carpeted and sisal exterior is easy to clean and maintain for months to years’ worth of play. Plus, if you’re feeling crafty you can also replace the carpeting yourself with carpet remnants if it gets too worn down, and make a more custom fit to the room the tree is in.

Through the simple addition of a cat tree to any room in your house, you can provide both a safe haven and an amusement park for your favorite feline to keep them happy, occupied, and well-behaved.