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Get The Look: Building A Home Office That Won’t Look Out Of Place In Your Living Room

More and more these days, many of us are working from home some of the time; some are working from home nearly all the time. But if you don’t have a spare room to dedicate to a full-sized home office, it can be a real challenge to find a spot to set up your workstation where it won’t take over your home life when you’re off the clock. No one wants a cubicle sitting in the middle of their bedroom or living room, reminding you of work after hours. But the solution is simpler than you might think; you just have to camouflage your office to look like the rest of the room you’re in.

The most important aspect of building a home office is to make your space feel like home (by Common Bond Design)
The most important aspect of building a home office is to make your space feel like home (by Common Bond Design)

Why It Works:

This incredibly simple midcentury-style office setup is a great example of how choosing tasteful, stylish pieces can make a work space feel like accent furniture. The trick? Choose pieces that feel like furniture rather than office supplies. The “desk chair” in this setup is actually an accent chair; one of several matching chairs throughout the living room. That makes it feel more like part of a set than an oddball out. Similarly, the minimalist desk isn’t particularly desk-like – it’s simply a nice table. Especially if you’re able to match your wood tones and the overall aesthetic, having a workspace that blends with your living space is a great way to keep it from drawing your attention during your off hours.

Get The Look:

The key to making this kind of office setup work is making it blend with the decor you already have. But if you’d like to copycat this office in particular, you want to start with a simple, elegant desk and pair it with an accent chair that won’t look out of place next to your sofa set. A bold area rug with a simple pattern can either help isolate your desk or link it to the rest of your furniture (depending on the size of the rug). A cute, trendy table lamp won’t hurt, and neither will a stylish wire waste bin. Last but not least, don’t neglect to finish off your space with a piece of art. Even if it puts your monitor off center, it’s a small touch that can make your “office” feel more livable.

Traditional office desks and chairs can be a bit of an eyesore; doubly so if they’re sitting kitty corner to where you get your R&R. So while a stylish setup might not help keep your home life from interrupting your work (that’s another post entirely!), it can definitely help keep your work life from trodding on your time off.