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Chic TV Stands to Avoid the Hassles of Wall-Mounting

If you’ve been jumping rental-to-rental (or don’t want to put holes in your walls), wall-mounting your television isn’t an option. The good news is, there are tons of nice-looking TV stands out there; available in styles to match just about any living room, a good stand will keep your electronics supported and your decor on-point. TV stands are an easy commitment to set up for your television, and will turn the area to a dedicated cable hub without investing in an expensive entertainment center.

Keeping Your New TV Safe And Secure

It seems unfortunate, but if you have a TV, you can’t not have a television stand or a wall-mount. Placing your TV on the floor leaves it at a bad angle to your couch and remote. It also can be a hazard if you have pets, children, or just are a little clumsy (like me, who will step on anything I set on the floor). A TV is a pricey piece of equipment that will last you years of frequent use, so the best way to protect it is to keep it at least knee-height off the ground. Even the most simple and basic television stand will get the job done.

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Navigate Odd Apartment Layouts

There is also the distinct advantage of a TV stand that it doesn’t require a wall to be functional. Have an odd-shaped living room? A TV stand will let you place your TV where a wall mount wouldn’t work, like against a window or in a corner. Plus, if you end up moving your furniture around to improve your space? You won’t have to go through the process of detaching and reattaching your television to get the best viewing angle. Not to mention you won’t have to fix the holes from the old spot it and repaint.

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TV Stands With Hidden Storage

Another benefit of TV stands is that they provide extra storage for your living room. Coffee tables tend to be a catch-all for everything that enters the living room, which can look cluttered and disorganized. A TV stand with extra storage can go a long way toward keeping that clutter tucked away and looking neat. You’ll still use your coffee table, but a good TV stand can hide less-used items, like spare remotes or controllers.

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Accommodating Your Electronics

Due to the continuous technological advances in how we experience entertainment, you may end up with a lot of gadgets that need storing and a surface to stay on when plugged into your telly. Your Blu-Ray and DVD players, game systems, router, extra remotes, and all your other wired tech can all find a home in a TV stand with sufficient storage. That way, everything for the TV is right next to the TV, making it easier to plug in devices when you want to use them. This will also keep all your various cords from sticking out and getting tangled together when not in use, as they can be simply placed in a drawer.

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TV Stands With Faux Wall Mounts

Still want to wall-mount your TV after all this? Some TV stands have an attached vertical surface that acts like a wall specifically to attach your television to. This avoids the pitfalls of wall-mounting while still getting the benefits of both display options. You’ll have much more control over the height and angle of your television than with other types of TV stands. It’s a modern style that’s sure to catch your guests’ attention, and lets you maximize your stand’s surface.

The practicality of TV stands allows you a lot more creative freedom when planning your living room than the alternative of wall-mounting. While a stand can’t save you space like a wall mount can, the right one can add storage and style to your home as well as a place for your TV.

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