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Get The Look: Using Unique Tile To Build A Chic, Updated Farmhouse Bathroom

Cottage and farmhouse style bathrooms are a big go-to for homeowners looking to make the most of a smaller bathroom, but for a long time now that’s mostly meant making spaces that are wall-to-wall white: white tile, white vanities, and white porcelain just-about-everything. The good news is, it’s entirely possible to get that same homey farmhouse feel with a more updated look….and a whole lot more color and texture. Modern farmhouse bathrooms like this one by Juxtaposed Interiors rely less on classic fixtures like clawfoot tubs and pedestal sinks and more on interesting material choices to create that warm, inviting, slightly rustic atmosphere.

Wood print tile and gold hardware aren't traditional choices for a farmhouse bathroom, but they help recreate the atmosphere of a rustic farmhouse setting (by Juxtaposed Interiors)
Wood print tile and gold hardware aren’t traditional choices for a farmhouse bathroom, but they help recreate the atmosphere of a rustic farmhouse setting (by Juxtaposed Interiors)

Why It Works: Traditional cottage and farmhouse bathrooms depend on iconic silhouettes to establish their turn-of-the-century look, but there are other ways to evoke that classic farmhouse feel. Weathered wood is a particular stand-out feature of a farmhouse style, and with the increasing popularity (and availability) of wood-look tile, it’s actually possible to get that rustic, weather-worn appearance in a material that won’t fall apart if it gets wet. Using antique gold or brass hardware and lighting fixtures also helps add that subtly old-fashioned, homey feel – not to mention a whole lot of warmth that all-white bathrooms often lack. Last but not least, instead of a traditional pedestal sink or white vanity, this bathroom uses a vanity with a strong cottage style, but painted black, which helps the space retain that homey farmhouse feel, but with a slightly more updated, modern feel.

Get The Look: The wood-look tile shower enclosure is the real star of the show, but the tile on the floor and shower floor help complete the look, subtly nodding to more traditional hex and basketweave tile but with a more modern graphic feel. The shower head and hardware, faucets, and mirror are done in matching warm metals, as is the sconce with the gorgeous vintage glass shade. Add in a black, open-shelf, cottage-style bathroom vanity and finish the look with a rustic ladder for a nice final farmhouse style touch.

Traditional cottage style bathrooms are great space-savers, but they often lack oomph. So if you’re looking to decorate a smaller space but don’t want a bland, wall-to-wall white bathroom, consider putting a slightly more updated (and colorful) twist on the style.

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