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The Modern, Minimalist White Night Stand for a De-Cluttered Bedroom

All-white interiors and minimalism have gone hand in hand for years, and now both are fading out of style in favor of newer horizons and experiments with more color. But nothing matches white for adding a bright, clean look to your home, and you can still stay on top of current trends without giving that up. Updating your bedroom with a minimalist white night stand can freshen up the place and make it look more tidy without also dating it back a few years and forcing you to forego color in the room that says the most about you. Here are simple night stands that can help de-clutter your bedside both visually and physically.

Moon White Nightstand, T2862050100RB by Rossetto

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Historically, we have been waltzing with how much white to include in our rooms since the early 1900s, when zinc oxide and titanium oxide were introduced to paint as ways to create purer shades of white than lead could (and safer, too). This led artistic movements of interior design revolving around the color, such as Scandinavian and all-white room trends, then to the over-saturation in the market and decline. Currently, trends today are favoring of greys and blues as prominent neutral colors to base our homes around rather than white, though the white accent holds strong as it complements these in-fashion neutrals and tones down extreme pops of color you want to add as your decorative highlights.

White Glossy Nightstand, T28620400LU17 by Rossetto

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Not every white is “pure” white, and will contain either a warm (e.g. pearl, dove, and cream) or cool (e.g. snowfall, bone, and chalk) tone. White also reflects other colors, so it will look like it has a hint of your main room color. You can subtly affect how your room feels because of this, as cool colors make a space feel larger and warm colors smaller. Along with manipulating how big your bedroom feels, the color white can maximize the light and brightness of any room, which is great for places with small windows and little natural light.

Diamond Ivory Left Nightstand, T26650N210154 by Rossetto

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That said, all-white rooms can be a little overwhelming, or even feel overly stark or sterile. Adding a few white accent pieces, like a nightstand, can help retain some of that light, bright feeling. You might not think so, but white accents are great for busy people who have kids, pets, or a messy lifestyle. White is an easy color to keep clean; tables don’t show dust and are easy to wipe down (magic erasers are great!) and fabrics are easy to bleach, so you can have white sheets and white linen curtains to keep your space feeling fresh. Instead of having everything be white, you can use these accents to offset the rest of your room, and add pops of color with your comforter, lamps, and other furniture. A little embellishment or pattern on the face or sides of your white accent furniture can also go a long way in breaking up the visual monotony for your eyes.

Start White Matrix Nightstand, T411201000029 by Rossetto

Using simple accents like white night stands can also help keep your space feeling tidy, not just because of the color, but also the design. Many white nightstands have very simple, minimalist designs that provide ample storage without taking up too much space or catching the eye. Especially if you keep the top of the nightstand relatively clear, they’re great for hiding clutter, but not so big that you’ll lose needed items in the drawers. Your bedroom is a place for rest and should reflect that, tempting as it may be to set everything on your night stand because it’s close by. There is still ample room on the table top for reading lamps and nighttime accessories that you need, but you’ll find your bedroom a more relaxing environment if you keep your decor to a minimum.

High Gloss White Lacquer Nightstand, C-1332C-WHT by Casabianca

If you’re feeling really bold, you can opt for a white nightstand that foregoes the drawers entirely. These have a fun, funky, sculptural style which really underscores their modern minimalist aesthetic, and makes the few items you can store on them feel like they are on display. While this might not be the best option if you tend to keep a lot of odds and ends by your bedside (medication, books, cups, chargers, etc.), if you only need a few things close at hand, it can make for a really pleasing look.

All-white interiors may be falling out of favor, but the color itself is a tried and true classic that can be useful for giving your bedroom (or really any room) a simple, clean aesthetic. So if you’re looking to update your bedroom furniture, don’t totally shun the color white – it’ll serve you well now, and believe me, it’ll be coming back around sooner or later!

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