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Small Bathroom Solutions: Innovative Small Bathroom Vanities From Eviva

Decorating a small bathroom is often fraught with challenges. Especially in a high-traffic space, style often necessarily takes a back seat to functionality, because it’s more important that your bathroom work than that it look nice. The good news is, with many homeowners downsizing spaces and migrating to smaller homes (or even tiny ones!), bathroom vanity manufacturers like Eviva have shifted their focus towards bathroom vanities that have a small footprint, but are jam-packed with storage and don’t sacrifice stylishness to get it. So if you’re struggling to find a way to make your small bathroom a space you actually want to be in, we’ve got a few stylish storage combinations you might want to consider.

Wall-Mounted Vanity With An Add-On Cabinet

Ashy 48" Wall Mount Modern Off-Set Sink Bathroom Vanity EVVN12-48ASH-SS from Eviva
Ashy 48″ Wall Mount Modern Off-Set Sink Bathroom Vanity EVVN12-48ASH-SS from Eviva

Supplementing your bathroom vanity with an additional cabinet isn’t exactly a new idea – nor is it rocket science. But while the advice itself is as old as the hills, many bathroom vanity manufacturers are finding new and innovative ways to inject a little style into the pairing. Often that means abandoning tower-style linen cabinets in favor of wall mounted or other freestanding storage cabinets that help accentuate the design of the (usually wall-mounted) vanities they’re paired with, in order to create a more striking modern style.

Cabinets Sized For What You’re Actually Storing In Them

Cup 24" Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN521-24GR from Eviva
Cup 24″ Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN521-24GR from Eviva

That said, many of the biggest innovations are in the designs of small bathroom vanities themselves. Rather than defaulting to a single large, undivided cabinet (as many, if not most smaller vanities traditionally do), manufacturers are starting to divvy up the internal space in their vanities. Better compartmentalization means that less of your cabinet is wasted. Rather than setting all your stuff on the bottom of the cabinet and leaving most of the space under the sink empty, sub-divided cabinets make space for tall items while keeping smaller ones better organized and more accessible, without leaving a lot of your vanity empty.

Mixing Drawers And Cabinets (But Mostly Drawers)

Geminis 28" Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN530-28GR from Eviva
Geminis 28″ Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN530-28GR from Eviva

There’s also been a big shift towards more heavily emphasizing drawer storage. After all, big cabinets aren’t great for storing small toiletries. Having at least one drawer not only makes it easier to keep track of small, fiddly, every-day items, but it also enables you to store them somewhere other than on your countertops – which makes for a neater, cleaner, and less cluttered-feeling space. These days most small bathroom vanities will have at least one drawer incorporated somewhere into their design, and often will dedicate a good portion of the space available to drawer storage.

Dresser-Style Drawer-Filled Vanities

Vitta 39" Maple Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN23-39MP from Eviva
Vitta 39″ Maple Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN23-39MP from Eviva

In fact, some modern vanities go as far as eliminating the traditional cabinet entirely, eschewing it in favor of a dresser-style stack of drawers. The one main drawback to this is a problem that all vanities have to navigate: you need to leave enough space directly under the counter to accommodate the sink and plumbing. Traditional single cabinet bathroom vanities accomplish this by simply leaving the top half of the cabinet empty, but dresser-style bathroom vanities use U-shaped drawers to minimize wasted space and provide actually usable waist-height storage space.

Cute Open Storage Cubbies

Vienna 48" Satin Lulxuries Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN800-48GR from Eviva
Vienna 48″ Satin Lulxuries Grey Modern Bathroom Vanity EVVN800-48GR from Eviva

Another growing trend in small bathroom vanity design is the incorporation of open storage – not just open shelves, but also small storage cubbies. I’ve mostly been seeing these on vanities that are a little bit wider (not quite the bare-bones, ultra-slim vanities you need for the very smallest bathrooms). Cubbies fill a similar niche to drawers in that they afford you waist-height storage space that’s good for small items. But while drawers are better for keeping lots of small items sorted (since you can access the back of the drawer more easily than the back of a cubby), cubbies are great for storing rolled up towels, which in turn gives your vanity and bathroom a really lovely, spa-like atmosphere. If the storage you’re lacking is mostly for linens, this might be a good way to go.

Stylish Traditional Vanities With Working Drawers

Houston 30" White Bathroom Vanity EVVN525-30WH from Eviva
Houston 30″ White Bathroom Vanity EVVN525-30WH from Eviva

All that said, the innovation that I, personally, am maybe the happiest to see isn’t the hyper-modern streamlining or off-the-wall innovative storage layouts…it’s the fact that small traditional vanities are finally getting drawers that work and shelves inside the main cabinet. Now, this trend is far from universal (yet!), but if you prefer a more traditional or transitional style bathroom rather than a very modern one, it is finally possible to find small bathroom vanities that match your style and meet your storage needs. Just take care not to fall for a vanity with a faux drawer panel!

Working with a small space is no one’s idea of fun, but the increasing availability of storage smart small bathroom vanities means that it’s easier than ever to ensure that your small bathroom is both beautiful and functional.