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Tone It Up with a Neutral Grey Kitchen

You’ve heard about the pushback against plain white kitchens, now get ready for the popular new alternative that isn’t a blasé beige or exceedingly bold black: a grey kitchen. Grey is the neutral you may be looking for if you want a wide range of warm and cool tones to match any kitchen setup, pair well with other colors (including itself!), and want to break from the traditional mold of kitchen neutrals.

Why a Grey Colored Kitchen?

Want to accentuate a specific piece like your kitchen island? Paint everything around it grey (by Advance Design Studio, Ltd.)

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Grey is a neutral color that is difficult to do wrong by color-wise. From red to violet, gray will pull out similar colors from within itself and highlight them to their best degree as a chameleon-like background. It matches stainless steel and other metals which are common for other kitchen staples to better blend in, and makes everything that isn’t grey pop.

You don’t have to dedicate your kitchen to one shade; mixing and matching is not only a style, it’s easier than sticking to exact colors (by Creation 7)

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Grey has an incredibly broad range of shades that are functional for the home, and layers well with itself, so that you don’t have to stick to a single tint or tone. You can create an entire palette out of greys for your kitchen without it feeling uniform or boring. You don’t need to panic and attempt to match exact colors the way you typically have to do when creating an all white room, where cream and eggshell simply don’t go together against linen white shelves.

Kitchen Grey Options

A light grey can open up a kitchen with a lot of natural light pouring in, making it feel bigger and brighter (by Boss Design Center)

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A light grey is an airy tint, more suited for a room with a lot of natural lighting. This is great for a more open-feeling kitchen that gets a good amount of sun during the day, as it reflects light well across all surfaces. If you’re looking to expand a smaller kitchen visually, you’re going to want to stick with the paler shades leading into white to trick the eye into feeling less cramped.

Darker greys achieve similar results as using black for your kitchen, but with a little more subtlety (by Fine Art Interiors)

A dark grey is industrial, no-nonsense, and excellent for a kitchen that sees a lot of messy work. More reminiscent of a commercial kitchen, darker shades of grey work to hide the blemishes a busy cooking area accumulates in the line of duty. It hides scratches, stains, and spills better than pure white and white-adjacent tints. It’s also bold and modern like black paint, but with less of the heaviness and closed-up feeling that black provides, and naturally matches all of your heavy-duty appliances for cooking.

Kitchen islands are the standard accent piece of a neutral kitchen, but you aren’t limited to only that. Try an accent color on your bar stools or shelves to make your kitchen unique! (by Vertebrae Architecture)

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For the truly committed, you can also paint your entire kitchen a single shade, matching the cabinets to the walls and floors. Against a solid grey background, even normally neutral browns tend to be showcased as accents, let alone bright and fun colors. This is a great way to create a main pop of color to distinguish your room, like a kitchen island or dining table.

If you’re looking for a newer neutral color to paint your kitchen that is a reprieve from the traditional beige, black, or white, look no further than everyone’s favorite in-between color grey as a kitchen background staple.