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Tasteful Playroom Ideas Both You and Your Kids Can Enjoy

Everyone in the house wants a space to themselves and that doesn’t change whether you’re 5 or 55. Giving kids a place where they can express themselves and go wild is great for their development and creativity, but it often comes at the cost of ruining your decor, even in just one room. But it is possible to create a fun playroom for kids without turning one of your rooms into a colorful disaster zone with. Here are five playroom ideas that you and your kids can both enjoy.

Incorporate Bold Colors You Use Elsewhere In Your Home Into Your Playroom

You don’t have to throw off your aesthetics to make a colorful kids room if you take color cues from existing palettes in your home (by Studio Sven)

Kids love color, so a playroom is the best place to use bright, fun paint on the walls. To make the look blend well, find colors already present in the rest of the house and highlight them here in the decor, like the greens of your living room throw pillows to make a solid wall color. If you’ve always wanted colorful accent furniture but weren’t sure if it would fit in your existing decor, this is a great place to test it out (or delegate it to if it doesn’t work elsewhere).

Create A Craft Area You And Your Kids Can Enjoy Together

A crafts station is a great way for your kids and friends to work together on fun projects without getting craft supplies all over the floor (by Chango & Co.)

Set up a table as an arts and crafts center for your children in the playroom so that they have an easy-to-clean space to work on that isn’t the floor. You may want to place a patterned area rug or colorful foam mat underneath to catch any spillage if your kids are working with something that stains like paint or glitter glue.

Upgrade Your Playroom Walls With Chalk Paint

You can find chalkboard paint at most hardware stores and convert all or part of a wall into an ever-changing mural that your child designs (by Dream Finders Homes)

Chalkboard paint is easy to acquire and takes drawing on the walls to a new level without destroying your wallpaper. Kids love being able to draw on the walls, even if they aren’t fond of chalk normally. It gives them a sense that they are both responsible for decorating the space as much as you and unlimited in their creative pursuit by drawing on a surface normally not allowed. Bonus: the drawings will grow up with them, and are easy to clean and start fresh if you want to reset the space.

Opt For More Portable Play Spaces

Navy Bear Chair, AB006 by Old Modern Handicrafts

Don’t have a room to dedicate to play time? A pop-up playroom is a solution, though this one requires discipline to clean it up afterwards. Teach your kids to play responsibly and pick up after themselves when they’re done, and you can make any room in the house a playroom with easy-to-assemble parts. Play tents in particular are big right now as they don’t require much setup, they function as a blanket fort for the kids (without taking all of your couch cushions to make), entertain children as young as infants, and don’t break upon being toppled over or moved room to room.

Choose Furniture That Can Grow Up With Your Kids

Your child won’t always need a play area; slowly convert it to a study space by introducing useful furniture like a writing desk over time (by KNOF Design)

Most importantly, replace elements as your children get older, and let the room age gradually with them. Add a writing desk or convert the craft table to one so they can use the room to do homework in as well, surrounded by pleasant and familiar stimuli to give the work a less negative connotation. Use their colorful book collection as wall art, and change out the books as they pick new favorites to create a fun, functional collage of their interests.

There are plenty of creative, colorful ways to make a child’s playroom that both you and your kids can agree on, so don’t think you’re out of aesthetic options when designing a space meant for play.