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Feeling Blue: Vibrant, Soothing Blue Accents For Your Living Room

Due to the increasingly cold and bitter weather here in the Northern hemisphere, I’ve been feeling a little blue. It’s gotten me thinking about decorating with blue accents. Designers are incorporating blue into living rooms across the country because of its versatility in style and adaptability as a bold-but-almost-neutral color. Today I’ve got a few ways that you can add a touch of blue to your living room, too.

How Blue Are You?

Put up your feet and relax in the calming presence of a blue dominated room (by Bandd Design)

Incorporating a little touch of blue into your living room is a great way to add character to the space. Color theory plays a huge role in making a house feel like a home; blue isn’t just a trendy design color but one you can live with everyday. A deep blue is cozy and meditative, perfect for an area where you want to relax and unwind after work.

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Unlike the other primary colors, blue furniture doesn’t have to feel hyper modern in design and can fit into all sorts of living rooms (by Dragonfly Designs)

Unless you want a living room with a very modern feel, blue is the perfect accent color. Blue feels bold, but is less aggressive and jarring than other primary colors. Where red feels combative at its brightest and yellow too cheery for a relaxing space, blue picks up the slack. It’s the only bright color that works across multiple decorating styles, making it a popular choice.

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You can spread out the blue accent through ottomans, throw pillows, a rug, or some other combination (by Design Loves Detail)

An accent color adds sophistication and elegance to a room, speaking volumes of your color know-how. But be wary of having too much of a good thing; it’s important to strike the right balance between blue and neutrals. The key to keeping blue as a strong accent is to have your big ticket items stay neutral and bring in the color through rugs, ottomans, accent chairs, throws, pillows, curtains, and artwork. These items also are easier to change out with each other. That’ll put less stress on your budget if you’re not seeking to redo the entire living room.

Consider your couch for the main accent of your living room by choosing a strong blue hue that defines the room (by Studio Revolution)

As a counter point, you absolutely can strike it bold; colorful sofas are popular right now and blue velvet in particular makes a very sophisticated addition to any space. Making your sofa the centerpiece of the room through use of color is a good choice for a room like the living room where gathering around to sit is the main function. For extra boldness, forego putting your sofa against a wall and instead back it with a sofa table. Blue sofas also come with the added benefit of hiding scratches and stains better than your typical beige or cream couch, making them feasible for everyday use.

Placement, Placement, Placement

An ottoman is a great way to introduce blue into the center of the room but still have a table-like surface to congregate around (by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.)

Where you place your blue accents in your living room is just as important as how much blue you have. A bold color that draws attention can work equally well as a centerpiece for your space, or as pops of color spread evenly throughout. You can make these decisions based on need, like a blue ottoman to work as a coffee table substitute; on how changeable the piece is, like how blue curtains are easier to change out than a blue ottoman. As long as you create balance throughout your living room, the options are endless.

Living rooms are meant to be a space of great versatility. There’s no better way to do that than with bold, blue accents you can change out whenever the mood strikes.

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