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Get the Look: Creating an Eclectic Dining Room with a Solid Palette

The dining room is currently a place undergoing vast transformations as we rethink where we eat. Many homes no longer have a dedicated dining room and the ones that do are revamping the space to fit a more modern style of mealtime. Now is the time to experiment with your dining room and stray away from classic looks and instead build it piece by piece with eclectic style, joining it all together under a loose theme or color scheme.

All the wood and wood-colored elements tie together different time period furniture into a cohesive dining space (by Brookstone Homes)

Get the Look: You’ll need a weathered finish dining table with vintage nailhead upholstered chairs underneath a simple, contemporary chandelier. A large modern area rug breaks up the wood flooring with an abstract design and keeps the chairs from scratching the finish, along with linking the table and chairs together as a furniture unit. An accent wall of exposed brick highlights one wall while sepia colored nature art adorns another and frames the ovalesque window, which lets in a large quantity of natural light. If you don’t have a large window to work with you can substitute it with a window-like mirror.

Why it Works: Blending eclectic elements from different time periods isn’t easy, but can work if you unite them under specific themes. In this case, everything takes an element from the brick accent wall and wood flooring. Both the table and the brick share a weathered, enduring feel to them, and the chairs and window’s accented casings are similarly polished like the flooring. The entire room has a warm, neutral golden brown and sepia color scheme, and that ties the disparate elements together to make a cohesive room. Limiting your room in one way opens it up in another and you can experiment with all kinds of furniture if you stick to a limited, solid palette (and vice versa!).

The modern dining room is changing to fit your individual style, so don’t be afraid to marry different time periods together with a unifying element like color to create something that entirely chic and entirely you.