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Update Your Bathroom Tile: 5 Ways to Re-tile Your Bathroom with Style

Adding tile accents to your bathroom is a great way to showcase your style if you’re willing to put in the tedious work that tiling requires. There are countless tile styles and trends to choose from when re-tiling your bathroom, and it can get overwhelming when you have to pick one that matches you. Not sure where to start? Here are some ways to break your choices down so you pick the best tile for your home (or for your resale value)!

Textured bathroom tile can add depth and character to your space through the push and pull of an uneven surface (by SagreraBrazil Design, Inc.)

Choose Textured Tile

Not all tiles feel the same, both metaphorically and literally. Standard tile tends to be glossy and smooth, but between materials used and thickness of each individual piece, bathroom tile can also be a tactile treat. There are embossed, stone, linen, wood, stucco, ceramic, glass, and other tile types that have their own texture both visually and to the touch. While largely not suited for floor use, textured tiles can add depth and dimension to your bathroom walls and shower.

Spot mosaic tile can bring emphasis to an area of your bathroom without feeling busy and overwhelming (by Cypress Homes, Inc.)

Add A Pattern To Your Bathroom

You don’t need to rely on plain-Jane simple tiles to get the job done in your bathroom. Just like wallpaper, tiles come in fun patterns to showcase your personality and decorating style. However, this can feel overwhelming if you pattern an entire wall or floor, so many designers use them as accent tiles in the middle of a traditional white tile to visually break up the space. Placing mosaic tile in a soap ledge or only patterning one wall can keep an intricately patterned tile from overwhelming, while still being more interesting than a plain traditional bathroom tile.

Showcase your fun side with colorful tile against a neutral-based bathroom (by Equilibrium Interior Design Inc)

Colorful Bathroom Tile Accents

The quickest way to liven up a bathroom done mostly in neutrals is to add bright, colorful accent tiles. There are two main points to consider when it comes to picking colorful tile: what is best for resale value and what is the best fit for your bathroom. Color trends come and go, so it can feel risky picking a bold color that’s popular if you’re not immediately going to sell your home – especially because it’s much harder to re-tile than to repaint! That said, colors that are “safe” for resale are often a bit bland and boring to live with, so it can be worthwhile to stick to what you love rather than what the market loves, even if it doesn’t feel super saleable.

Mix and match tile shapes to create a unique look for your bathroom (by AT&S Artistic Tile & Stone)

Uniquely Shaped Bathroom Tile

When re-tiling your bathroom, you don’t have to rely on rectangles to get the job done. Diamonds, circles, squares, triangles, mosaics, and intricate designs are all options for you to explore. As far as trends go, natural stone and pebble shapes are very popular right now as their uneven shape and surface gives a more rugged look to a bathroom. Even rectangles can become incredibly interesting based on placement, like with a herringbone or diagonal layout.

Tiny tiles create a busy gradient for your bathroom to break up the smooth plainness of your walls (by MC Design LLC)

Scale The Size Of Your Tile Up or Down

Another way to play with a tile’s shape is through its overall size. A square or rectangular tile may feel traditional until you scale it up or down to a less conventional size, making the shape feel unique. In particular, tiny tiles make a great accent wall because they interrupt the monotony of your bathroom paint but still feel cohesive at a distance.

If you’re willing to put in the elbow grease to re-tile your bathroom, know that there are a variety of ways to make yours stand out for ultimate home enjoyment.