A Luxury Pet Bed for Your Favorite Fuzzy Friend

Pets are members of the family, and they deserve a little luxury just like the rest of us. For some households, that means full access to your bed, your couch, and and any other soft furniture you have. For others, that can be too much togetherness. A pet bed is a great alternative; your pet will have a place to lay their head (that’s cheaper, more portable, and less of a mess if it gets damaged than your other furniture).

Getting a high-quality pet bed is a simple way to splurge on your pet that’s well worth the investment. Your pet will love having a cozy spot of their own that they can go to any time. Why sleep on the floor when you have a cushioned spot just for you? Plus, they’re sturdy and made to stand up for several years. That makes them a good investment you won’t need to replace often (unless your pet is a chewer).

A pet bed is also a good way to enforce boundaries in the home. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some space to yourself, but your pet may not understand that without help. Having a comfy spot of their own keeps your pets off your other furniture, like your couch or bed. This is great if you don’t want to share blankets with your furry companion, but don’t want to leave them out entirely either.

Keeping your pet off the couch doesn’t have to be just a boundaries thing either; you improve the furniture’s longevity by keeping your pet’s wear and tear off it. I personally have no problems with animals on the furniture. But I do want to keep that same furniture for its expected lifespan. That’s when having an alternative to scratch and bite for comfort comes in handy. It won’t stop all the damage a fuzzy friend in your home can cause, but giving them their own furnishings can slow the progress.

These aren’t the boring, flat pet beds you can find at any pet store, either. Stylish designs fit with your home decor so that you have more than a glorified pillow on the floor. You can put a miniature couch next to yours and delight in matching with your pet when you sit down to watch TV. There’s no need to clutter your space with unattractive pet accessories when furniture-quality, nice alternatives exist. The only thing you should watch out for is if your pet has orthopedic problems or is a senior. These pets may need a special bed to better support their joints or posture.

A pet bed centralizes where the fur and dander goes onto an easy-to-clean surface, making cleaning time a cinch. Simply use a vacuum hose and brush attachment to vacuum the built-up hair every week or so, depending on how much your pet sheds. It won’t stop all the hair from getting everywhere in your home. But a pet bed getting messy is much better than your bed getting messy. And with a small enough bed, you may even be able to put it through the wash – either the cushions or the whole thing. Otherwise, you can invest in a washable cover for the pet bed just like you can get covers for people-sized sofas and chairs. Your pet won’t mind the difference!

You don’t need to dedicate an entire room of your home to your favorite animal companion. But giving them some space of their own is a benefit for both them and you. Trust me, your couch will thank you!