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Modular Outdoor Furniture for Your Home Entertaining Needs

Summer is almost here, and people everywhere are itching to spend more time outside – and more time with people. Back yard entertaining is already seeing a surge in popularity, and will only become more common as weather warms up and restrictions on gatherings start to ease. But what if your back yard isn’t equipped to be the main entertaining hub of your home? Now’s a good time not only to look for outdoor furniture that delivers on quality and style, but also pieces that can help keep you and your friends and family safe. Modular sectionals, tables, and beds are sold in individual pieces that push together and pull apart as needed and can be a great way to build an outdoor set piece by piece for all sizes and shapes of entertaining.

Convene 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Sectional Set In Espresso Turquoise, EEI-2350-EXP-TRQ-SET by Modway Furniture

With modular outdoor pieces, you’re not restricted by having one size fits all furniture. You can build any size or shape sectional you want. If you have a small group, you only need to invest in a couple of segments for your sectional and still have a fully functional outdoor couch or set of chairs. If you have a large party, you can make outdoor seating actually fit everyone in style, instead of having to pull out the fold-up chairs when someone visits. It’s a win-win type of furniture that can be as many or as few segments as you want.

Fabric Outdoor Patio Armless Chair, EEI-2959-LGR-BEI by Modway Furniture

Something you want in any piece of furniture, but especially for those meant to be outdoors, is longevity. Not all of us live somewhere sunny and warm and wind-less all the time, so our furniture needs to be able to stand up to rain and wind and keep its shape and color over time, whether used by people or by the elements. Each modular segment of these outdoor sets is UV and water resistant to better defend against the weather.

Marina 3 Piece Outdoor Patio Teak Set In Natural Gray, EEI-1820-NAT-GRY-SET by Modway Furniture

Modular outdoor furniture also solves a very current problem: not being able to sit next to each other. You can pull apart your sectional and place the pieces six feet apart for company and still have comfortable seating that matches, then push them back together when that company leaves. This way isn’t an inconvenience for you or your guests because it’s the very nature of your outdoor furniture to separate seating throughout your deck space.

Left-arm Corner Sectional Outdoor Patio Aluminum Loveseat In Silver Orange, EEI-2265-SLV-ORA by Modway Furniture

On their own, individual modular pieces can look a little funky. Because they’re meant to pushed together into varying shapes, each piece can feel a little “incomplete,” maybe having only one arm rest or cushion. If you find this look too off-putting to use your modular sectional individually, you may want to invest in a traditional armchair or two as side pieces for your outdoor seating. You can also place potted plants, side tables, and other furniture on the arm-less sides or between the seating gaps to provide a more purposeful asymmetrical look for your porch or deck.

Convene Canopy Outdoor Patio 5 Daybed In Espresso White, EEI-2173-EXP-WHI-SET by Modway Furniture

Not all modular furniture comes together to form sectionals; some make other shapes, like outdoor beds. This provides some unique benefits with extra cushion, shade from direct sunlight, and pieces that function like your indoor ottomans (being both seating and a table.) If you’re fond of sleeping outside on nice days, a modular bed may be a better choice than a sectional or hammock. Plus, you still have the all-important pull-apart seating for guests that modular furniture provides.

There’s no better way to get a custom look that perfectly fits your space – and the (hopefully temporary!) need to socialize from a distance than with modular outdoor furniture.