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A Quick Guide To Choosing A New TV Stand for Your Living Room

So you’ve bought a new TV and now you need to get it set up. But getting a new TV movie-night-ready isn’t just cords, consoles, and cable boxes. It’s also getting your TV at a good height, your add-ons well stored, and your screen beautifully displayed. In fact, choosing a good TV stand may be just as important from a design standpoint as the quality of the television itself. With so many options available, you may be tempted to get the first one you see to be done with it, but a little time and research can go a long way. It’s important that your TV stand not just fit your living room, but also your television.

Ditch The Old School Entertainment Center

Isle 47” Tv Stand, EEI-2544-WHI by Modway Furniture

Why even get a TV stand over other options? Boxy entertainment centers are falling out of fashion because of their bulky exterior, difficulty in setting up, and bad framing when paired with more modern TVs. Not to mention they’re a pricey (and pretty permanent) piece of furniture. On the other hand, open stands are typically one piece, can be easily installed and moved if need be, and don’t frame the TV at all. If you plan on moving soon, not having to move a whole entertainment center is much cheaper and easier on the backs involved.

Built-In Wall Mounts Are Rental-Friendly

Cabrini Tv Stand And Floating Wall Tv Panel With Led Lights 2.2 In Maple Cream And Off White, 2-1535482354 by Manhattan Comfort

Placing your TV on a TV stand also avoids the hassles of wall-mounting, trying to get it at the perfect height and then putting holes in your walls. If you still want to mount your TV but want to incorporate the stand, look for one designed with a post or backing with a built-in mount. These can securely hold up your television, without the pain of damaging your walls in the process. These don’t reach the height typical wall mounting does, so keep that in consideration when choosing one of these or else your picture may be too low for proper viewing.

Choose A TV Stand Proportional To The Size Of Your Television

Liberty 53.14″ Mid Century – Modern Tv Stand With 5 Shelves And 1 Door In White With Solid Wood Legs, 200AMC6 by Manhattan Comfort

The size of your stand matters, as it shouldn’t be too much wider than the TV itself , or the whole setup will end up looking unbalanced. If your stand is too narrow, the TV will look wobbly on top; too wide, and it will dwarf your TV entirely. Think about the height of the stand, the height of your TV, and the height of your couch. There is no standardized unit for these things, so you need to measure beforehand to make sure that everything lines up to eye level when sitting down.

Find A TV Stand That Can Fit All Your Electronics

Amble 47” Tv Stand, EEI-2678-WHI by Modway Furniture

Accommodating all of your accessories is another very important consideration. It’s difficult not to have a movie player, game system, cable box, and other clunky devices that go along with your TV that need a shelf to call home as well. Make sure you have enough space, shelves, and drawers on your stand to hold the devices you use – not to mention good ventilation for any high-end gaming consoles. That said, while minimalism is hip and gives everything a sleek look, you have to remember that too bare also means showing off all the cords attached to your TV and systems. If you have a lot of electronics, this can be unsightly, so look for a cabinet design that hides or conceals the cord mess better than open shelves.

Don’t Forget: This Is Part Of Your Living Room Decor

Practical Dalarna Tv Stand With 2 Open Shelves And 2- Drawers In Oak And Aqua, 3AMC126 by Manhattan Comfort

A good TV stand can also do a lot of work for the room in terms of design as well. Your stand contributes to the room’s atmosphere just as much as any other piece of furniture and it’s up to you if you want it to blend in or stand out. If you want the former, a solid neutral color like black or brown works and you’ll want to focus more on open shelving to see through to the wall. For the latter, your stand can provide a bright pop of color, a fun pattern or material, or an interesting shape to create interest in the living room.

So if you already have a TV picked out or are still deciding, now is the time to find an appropriate stand to go with it. Whether it’s storage, style, or space, look for one that fits your TV and living room instead of making it work later.