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Use a Bar Cart as Trendy Multipurpose Furniture

With the rise of multipurpose furniture, the bar cart has been getting a lot of attention. It can be used indoors and outdoors, for parties or for decoration, and it’s as simple to install as rolling it into place. It’s a small way to personalize a number of rooms in your house with extra storage and style.

An Easy Accent Piece

Ring Bar Cart, 351-10212 by Elk Home

As far as furniture goes, a bar cart is easy to setup and can be done by yourself. You wheel it to a spot of your choosing in the house and then lock the wheels in place and… that’s it! You’re done! All that’s left is to decorate it as you choose. Traditionally, your liquor is meant to go on display here, making each bottle a decorative and functional piece of the room. But if you’re not a big drinker, this doesn’t have to be the case. Different decorative bottles, knick knacks, and other things can be put on display instead on your cart – whatever fits the room.

Mobile Storage

Take advantage of the cart’s wheels and bring the party to any room in a single trip (by Tali Roth)

Unlike other furniture, bar carts are portable and meant to be moved from time to time. If you’re entertaining, you can push the cart over to where the people are to serve them drinks from your assortment of beverages on the cart itself, no trip to the kitchen necessary (except maybe for ice). If you leave the top clear, you can mix drinks right there or provide a space for guests to place their cups.

Take The Party Outside

Summon Outdoor Patio Beverage Cart In Gray, EEI-1990-GRY by Modway Furniture

Bar carts can also be used both indoors and outdoors, making them good for multiple occasions like garden parties, dinners, and casual hanging out. With a bar cart, it only takes one trip from your kitchen to take the party outside. If you don’t want to drag your cart inside every time you use it, you can easily find a weatherproofed model that can be left out on your deck year round. That said, even indoor models with wheels can be used outside, and then tucked away inside again for their safety.

Bar Cart Kitchen Islands

If you need more counter space in the kitchen, roll in a bar cart as an island (by Teri Fotheringham Photography)

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can also use a bar cart as a kitchen island. Many kitchens don’t have the room for a full-size island; a bar cart can step in as a much smaller alternative that still provides a decent amount of counter space when cooking. If that’s still taking up a lot of space, you can simply roll your kitchen island away to another room when you’re cooking so you still can move about your kitchen easily. Plus, it’s extra cabinet or shelf area for oils, spices, and other cooking ingredients that’s easy to reach and in the center of the room.

Serve Up A Crowd On A Traditional Bar Cart

Siena Collection Chrome / White Glass Bar Cart, CB-D210Cart by Casabianca

Of course, all this is ignoring the original purpose of a bar cart: serving food and drinks. Bar carts can range in size from small to large enough to serve a party, so if you’re used to entertaining you may want to invest in a larger one. You can use the cart surface to prep drinks or a meal in the kitchen and then wheel it out to your guests to enjoy. They will enjoy not only the food but the preparation and presentation of the platter you made brought out on a fancy cart.

No matter if you are big on hosting guests or just want a mobile piece of decorative furniture, a bar cart is an affordable investment among serving trays.