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Best Wine Storage If You Don’t Want a Dedicated Wine Rack

For all you wine lovers out there, your wine collection is a set piece as much as a beverage of choice. The art of displaying wine relies heavily on the wine rack you use and its placement in your home. For smaller wine collections, a dedicated wine rack may have more space than you need for just wine and end up looking empty. For others, a small dedicated rack might not have enough space for all your bottles, or store them the way you want them. And that’s assuming you have space to dedicate to a wine-only rack in the first place! Whatever the case, there is more to your storage options than the traditional display rack.

Dual Purpose Furniture

10 Bottle Wine Rack China Storage Closet With 4 Shelves In White Gloss And Maple Cream, 89952 by Manhattan Comfort

If you need your storage to do double duty, a cabinet or storage closet with a wine rack component can be a good choice. The slots are specially made to be just the right size for your favorite bottles. An open rack will both display your wine and keep the bottles from clinking into each other. Then you can use the cabinet to store accompanying glassware. If your home doesn’t have a lot of space to spare for just wine purposes, the cabinet portion can instead be used to store whatever else you need – like linens or extra dishware.

Wine Cabinet, NG022 by Old Modern Handicrafts

Another dual-purpose storage idea is the wine end table. This is not the kind of end table you use as a night stand next to your bed (though if you do I won’t judge!). Rather, it’s the kind you use to bookend a nice couch in your living room. Providing both cabinetry and a table surface, the end table is a perfect choice for those who unwind and dine on their favorite sofa. An attached wine rack is an added perk that allows you to have your favorite bottles at your fingertips. If you find yourself unexpectedly binge-watching the next hit TV show, having wine so close means you never have to hit pause to enhance your evening.

Keep It in the Kitchen

Rodeo 6 Bottle Wine Rack, 619502 by Elk Lifestyle

If you’re seeking a solution that keeps your wine in the kitchen, consider countertop storage. Smaller, more decorative racks can hold a few bottles at a time. These are a great accent to many kitchen styles and can declutter your counters without making you hide your drinks in the pantry. If you like the display aspect of a traditional wine rack but can’t fit a full-size one in your kitchen, this is a good compromise that comes with a little extra flair.

Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze Under Cabinet Wine Bottle Rack, WBH-DBAC-R by Hardware Resources

If you don’t have counter space for a small rack but still want your wine in the kitchen, you can install a bottle rack underneath your cabinets. This keeps your kitchen countertops completely clear for dishes and small appliances, while utilizing the empty vertical space underneath your upper cabinets. Because of weight, these racks can only hold a couple bottles at a time, but you can install multiple racks side by side to maximize your storage.

For That One Special Bottle

Vineyards Harvest Wine Bottle Holder, SP921 by Toscano

Though its storage capacity is as low as you can go, a single bottle holder also has its uses. If you want to highlight a particular bottle due to its unique look or prized importance, you can place it in one of these instead of having the bottle sit plainly on a shelf. Some bottle holders are purely decorative, with ornate patterns or elaborate figures positioned to look as if they are holding your wine, and others have functional components like an attached corkscrew so that you can open it right there without digging through your kitchen drawers first. Of all the storage options listed for wine, this one is the best as a gift for wine lovers due to its attention to detail, practical size for wrapping, and lower price point.

A Chilling Display

A wine cooler is an efficient way to keep your whole collection cold and safe without cluttering up and putting a lock on your refrigerator (by Jamesthomas Interiors)

All of these options keep your wine at room temperature, but what about keeping your collection chilled to serve at a moment’s notice? Sure you can put a couple bottles in the fridge, but if you want to keep all of your wine refrigerated (and to more exact temperatures than a standard fridge provides), you need a wine cooler. Specialized wine coolers contain wood racks fitted to store wine bottles efficiently and securely. Larger wine coolers can hold up to a 100 bottles in a single unit, and almost all models have lockable doors to protect your collection. Though it shows off your bottles less than other wine storage, a wine cooler is still an elegant display with glass viewing doors to peer through and is well worth the minor trade-off.

So while there’s nothing wrong with a dedicated wine rack showing off your choicest vintages, it isn’t the only kind of visible storage available on the market. If you’re looking to get creative with the space you have or just get creative in general, spice up your home with a unique display rack and you’re sure to attract the praise of fellow wine lovers.