Decorative Mirrors: Function and Fancy to Accentuate Your Space

Mirrors are a household staple, coming pre-installed in most bathrooms so you can look at yourself at least in passing a few times a day. Because of this, decorating elsewhere with mirrors can feel redundant. You may be thinking, “I don’t need to put a mirror here because I’m not going to shave or put on makeup in this room.” But mirrors can be used as a statement piece, not just as a practical pane of glass. They’re a multipurpose workhorse amongst accent furniture and can liven up the room in more ways than one through unique designs and bold placement.

A Design for Everyone

Not all mirrors are made alike, and that’s a good thing. You don’t have to rely on a pre-installed, frameless rectangular bathroom mirrors to decorate your entire household. Mirrors can come in many interesting shapes to accentuate your walls and overall style. But for an even more dramatic appearance, focus on the frame. The frame may be even more important than the mirror itself when it comes to interior design because it can be more customized. Glass is glass and there’s only so many ways you can cut it. But just about any material can be used to frame a mirror, including tinier mirrors! Simply choose what room’s decor you want to match and there will be a corresponding accent mirror to highlight those features.

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Form or Function?

Then there comes the important debate of form versus function. Not all mirrors are good at showing you your reflection, and you should think about how useful you want it to be when picking one out and placing it. Multiple tiny mirrors grouped up make a good visual impression, but at the cost of not being very functional. A a larger mirror will show you more uninterrupted by gimmicks like its shape and frame, but may not have the same flair. The first thing you need to ask yourself is: are you getting this mirror as a wall accent or as a viewing surface?

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Mirrors don’t just show you your reflection either. They can also make a room seem bigger and reflect light across a space as well. Though they won’t give you a view of the outside, mirrors can play the part of a faux window. Many mirrors play up this look, with window-shaped frames and “panes” crossing the surface. A “window” mirror will pick up and reflect any light in the room, which tricks your brain into thinking it’s another source of light. The result? Your space will feel more open and connected to nature. This trick works best in a room that already has a lot of natural light for the mirror to reflect, and can help brighten up a darker corner.

Location, Location, Location

A stylish mirror for a half-bath livens up the space where there isn’t much room to do so (by MOSS KITCHENS)

So you’ve decided to bring new accent mirrors into your home. Great! Now where on earth do you put them? Well if you’re looking for maximum functionality on top of stylish design, the best place is the bathroom. Changing out your traditional no-nonsense bathroom mirror with one that has more flair is a great way to spruce up the entire room while only making one small change. This works better for a half-bath than master bathroom because you typically don’t get ready for the day in the half-bath. Being able to see just your face is fine, but a big, traditional mirror is better if you’re putting an outfit together for work.

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Your Last Stop On Your Way Out

Whether you’re coming or going, an accent mirror in the entryway will help you look your best (by Molly Frey Design)

The second best place to add a mirror is your front entryway. Having one by your front door is incredibly useful if you want to make sure you’re put together before leaving the house without running all the way back to bathroom. I know I have had to readjust a popped collar or a crooked scarf when trying to rush out the door, and it’s more sensible to use a mirror there than to have to run all the way back to the bathroom to check yourself out. It doesn’t need to be a full-length mirror, or even very big at all. If you have a staircase nearby, a small mirror can cover your entire self if you’re willing to move up and down a couple stairs to make sure everything looks good.

So if you’re looking for a wall accent that’ll brighten the room, a decorative mirror may be the piece you’re missing to pull it all together.

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